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Maca outside


Breed: Shepherd/Collie Cross
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Year approx.
Size: Medium



Energy Level: Medium, more energy as she gets more confident!
Training Goals: Basic Manners
House trained? Yes
Kids? Unknown
Cats? Unknown
Dogs? Unknown
Medical Needs: Finishing my first round of vaccines, spay surgery, yearly vet checkups

About Me:

Hi! I'm Macadamia!

I came to WAG with all my puppies, and I've been a hard working mom up until they were ready to be adopted. I am such a good mom, but I'm very ready for a home of my own where I get all the attention and love I deserve. 

I came from roaming the streets, so not much is known about my past. I seem to not mind the other dogs at the shelter, but I havn't made any close friends yet. I've been too busy feeding ten babies to make any bffs. I am now in a loving foster home where I am learning new things every day and loving getting all the attention and cuddles I could ask for!

I can be a bit nervous of new people, so slow introductions and lots of treats are key! I'm becoming more and more confident everyday, and have starting really enjoying going out on little walks on my own now. I'm good on leash, but need some extra encouragement sometimes as all the new noises can be a bit overwhelming! Luckily I'm quite food motivated and enjoy all kinds of treats and special meals, as I was thin when I arrived but I am putting some weight on again. Feeding 10 babies was hard work, I also suffered from mastitis, but I have thankfully healed up now and am ready to be spayed in the near future. WAG promised me that I only have to be a teen mom once and can focus on being a puppy myself now.

I am looking for a home who is commited to helping me gain confidence, and a home that can give me all the love and attention I deserve! Remember, most things inside are new to me and although I'm delighted to be warm and fed, I am not used to basic things like stairs, kitchen sounds and I'm working on getting into the car for car rides. I am a young dog myself with not too much indoor life experience, I need to you remember that and take things at my pace.

Training classes with a WAG approved trainer would also need to be part of the plan! I can't wait to find a cozy bed to cuddle up on, and someone who will take me for all the awesome adventures I deserve!

My Perfect Match

-Willing to take multiple trips to WAG to build trust and a relationship with me.
-Has lots of patience and understanding of my past.
-Will go very slow with me and let me gain confidence, I am learning to be in a home, in cars, on a leash and harness, and many other things that most dog owners take for granted.
-Will love me forever no matter what!

My Story:

WAG staff were contacted by a concerned citizen that had been keeping an eye on me and noticed that I was pregnant. I was found in interior BC near Williams lake. Once myself and my 10 babies were safe and warm at WAG I could finally get some well deserved rest time in. I was a little timid with the ladies at WAG at first but after a few days I came out of my shell and opened up. I am quite thin after caring for my 10 puppies, but with regulars high quality meals and lots of snacks I am gradually gaining some much needed weight. I really enjoy my short walks with the WAG girls, I'm seeing so many new things whilst I'm out and about!

It's time to find my forever family!

If you can't adopt me at this time, please consider donating to my care. I have been at WAG for over 6 weeks now and it takes a lot of resources to raise a litter.

John Wayne


John Wayne

Breed: Doberman Coonhound Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 9 years old
Size: Large

Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: Basic manners, settling in and adjusting to a more urban environment
House trained? Yes
Kids? Yes, with proper supervision and separation
Cats? No
Dogs? Yes, with proper supervision and separation
Medical Needs: Healing my injuries, dental work, yearly vet checkups

About Me:

Hi I'm John Wayne!

I am the latest recipient of WAG's Critical Care Program, a fund 100% supported by community donors to help injured and sick animals in need. I arrived at WAG needing some extra TLC and have some older injuries that needed to be taken care of. I recently visited the vet, who advised that I should also have some dental work done and some X RAYs when I go for my neuter next month.

I am currently in a wonderful foster home, where I am being looked after whilst awaiting further medical treatment and investigations. I enjoy snuggles on the couch, going for walks and am very food motivated, I'm pretty partial to treats and snacks which is great as I am aiming to put on a bit of weight. I am surprisingly agile and can make a sprint for it when I want to, especially when I am on walks and see a little critter that I might like to chase. I am 9 years young, and am keen to be right by your side and to be told how handsome I am all day long. Even though I am a big dog and may be a little shy when I first meet you, I am quick to trust and am very gentle!

I am looking for a forever home that will keep me safe and love me forever. Coming to WAG has been a big transition for me and I need my new family to be patient with me while I adjust to my next adventure. I need you to be proactive with my medical care going forward and help me with my recovery as needed. In return I will be a lovebug and make sure you laugh and smile every day!

Here are some notes my lovely foster mom helped me write after getting to know me better:

" I love all the cuddles! Putting my head in your lap and getting big pats is my favorite thing.

I will talk to you in the sweetest way if I have something exciting to tell you. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's the cutest.

I get along with - everyone! Maybe not cats or squirrels I am very inquisitive about them.

I would rather not be left alone all day. I love to be with my person. I am very chill when I am with my person and will ask for cuddles every now and then.
Don't expect me to be a swimmer, I don't like water much and will avoid puddles if I can.

I can't wait to find my retirement home filled with love, cuddles and gentle walks."

Are you the person I am looking for to give me a second chance and look after me no matter what? If so then please fill out an application form below.

My Perfect Match:


- A family with patience and understanding that I may need time to adjust to my new surroundings and that I am healing

- Loves big beautiful dogs who enjoy cuddles and adventures

- Will be able to help me in my recovery and rehab if needed

- Will keep me safe and love me forever, no matter what!

- Eager to learn more about dog body language so you can understand what I'm communicating to you

- Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me gain confidence and give my family the tools they will need

- Will keep me healthy and happy with proper exercise and yearly vet visits and anything else I might need!

If you're dedicated to providing a safe home using only fear-free, positive reinforcement training methods, please fill out an application below:



My Story:

My previous owners loved me so very much, but were unable to give me the extra care that had become necessary at this stage in my life. They knew that WAG would be able to get me the medical help I needed and would give me a second chance at a healthy future.

WAG is now fundraising for John Wayne's medical costs, medication, aftercare and possible further surgery. As well as anything else that JW will need!

If you are not in a position to adopt at the moment, please consider donating for WAG'S Critical Care Fund to help JW and other animals like him get the second chance they deserve.




Breed: Pitbull Mix
Gender: Female
Age: Approx. 1 year
Size: Medium



Energy Level: High
Training Goals: Basic manners, getting used to living inside, leash walking, other basic training, socialization
House trained? Yes
Kids? Potentially older kids with proper supervision & separation
Cats? Unknown
Dogs? Potentially with proper supervision & separation
Medical Needs: Yearly vet checkups, currently on medication for anxiety 

About Me:


I am a young female puppy, estimated to be around 1 year old. I have been waiting at WAG for my forever home for over 4 months now! I was very timid and nervous at first, but I have gained lots of confidence with the staff and my volunteer friends. I am super playful and LOVE running around in the yard. I have even made my first friend - Penny, shes smaller than me but I let her chase me and share my toys with her. Sometimes I can be a bit over enthusiastic though and I never want playtime to end!

I love spending time in reception 'helping' the staff whilst they do admin. I always ask for pets and cuddles, but can settle if I have a kong or a snuffle matt. I didnt spend much time indoors previously so it is something I am gradually getting used to.

I love going for walks and get SO excited when I see my harness. Car rides are my favourite, to new areas I can do lots and lots of sniffing. I know that if I sit I get a treat, and if I stay calm when I greet people instead of jumping up, then I get lots of pets. I am not keen to be left alone much yet and am sometimes overstimulated. I am very gentle when taking treats from my friends. I have a LOT of energy and will run circles and do zoomies in the yard, sometimes I might boop you in excitement. I do enrichment activities every day to mentally stimulate me as well as physical walks, my world is getting bigger at a pace that I can handle.

I am around 23KG and the vet said I am "very well muscled", so please remember I am strong girl, who has never had any training in my life prior to coming to WAG. I haven’t spent too much time around other dogs yet aside from Penny, but with slow introductions and supervision, it is a possibility. I don't know how I feel about cats either, but I am quite interested in little birds and critters on my woodland walks.

I need a calm, dog experienced home who can help me learn the skills I need to be the good girl I want to be! I would like a person/ people willing to take things at my pace and understand my body language and how I am feeling.

I am hoping that my forever family will be awesome humans, lots of play, adventures, cuddles, but most importantly I need them to be patient.

Everything is new to me and many noises, smells and sights can make me nervous. I need my family to be understanding that they'll need to work with me during this big life change, hire a trainer and give me time to adjust.

Someone who wants to get on board with my training plan is necessary! Could you be my furrever family?


My perfect match
- Be able to commit to coming to visit me a few times at the shelter before going into my forever home
- A family with patience
- Understanding that a lot of things are new to me, I may need time to adjust to my new surrounding
- Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me gain confidence and give my family the tools they will need when I come across something that is scary to me
- Be ready for the 10+ year commitment
- Keep me healthy and happy with proper exercise and yearly vet visits


My Story:

My family loved me lots, but didn't have the time to train and socialize me. I came from a home with a family with visiting little humans, they gave me lots of love, but not lots of life skills. 

My next family I hope will be eager to learn with me and make me an active member of their life!


If you can't adopt at this time, please consider donating to my care.




Lola has been waiting at WAG since July 2018! 1555 days and counting.....

Breed: Pit Bull
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years old
Size: Medium

Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: Post adoption training with a WAG approved trainer - To work one on one with her & a trainer to help overcome fears & anxieties
House trained? Yes
Kids? No

Cats? No
Dogs? No
Medical Needs: I have had a very unstable past, to help me cope with my fears I am on anti-anxiety medication!


About Me: 

The majority of my life has been at WAG, while they give me the best care they can, I'm hoping it won't be much longer until I find that dedicated family that wants to give me the life I deserve. 

The team at WAG keep my days full of fun and love, but I still know that I'm living in a shelter.  Once in a while some of the team can bring me for sleepovers, but no one has been able to provide me with a long term foster home, or the thing I wish for every night, a forever home.

The most exciting thing about moving into a home will be, no longer having to be bothered by the other animals. The cats keep to themselves and sometimes I might be interested in saying hi to one of the residents in the cattery (through the window in the door), their mews don't bother me too much. But boy oh boy, I can't wait to not hear the other dogs bark....especially when we have puppies, ugh, those things are annoying. Having my own home and my own bed where I'll get to cuddle and sleep in with my hooman on a Sunday with no barking dogs, that's the life I hope to find this year!

My friends at WAG like to get me out for big adventures in the car, particularly on days where being in town can be busy with folks out and about and other dogs (off leash dogs running up to me, rude!). We especially like to find good swimming holes! I love to swim and would gladly gulp up the whole body of water, whoops! Sometimes they call me a little piggie, but I believe that I am really a mermaid! But truthfully I love nothing more than finding a nice quiet spot on the water and swimming around with a long line that keeps me safe and allows me freedom. Then a good patch of some sunny moss to dry off and roll around for a decent amount of time, I love wriggling around.

I love getting a chance to go to new hikes, don't get me wrong, I like being able to sniff my favorite trees or play with leftover sticks on my regular routes, but boy do I like getting a chance to find new spots. In the wintertime I like to leap and slide through deep snow! I am a strong girl and can sometimes pull on the leash, things like proper gear will be super beneficial at making us a great team! Some stuff the WAG crew has on our walks are - muzzle, collar, harness, leash on each (2 leashes for safety is the way all WAG dogs are walked), weather appropriate foot wear (water shoes in the summer and spiked boots in the winter), treat pouch, poop bags, bear spray and LOTS of high value treats. Sometimes I wear a GPS tracker, sometimes they bring along a long line, they're always thinking about how else they can make walks and adventures more safe and of course more fun (hint, more treats and swim spots).

My forever family better be ready for a velcro dog!
I love to be around my friends, if you have a hand free, that could be scratching my ears or rubbing my belly. I love to trot around the house with you, supervising whatever task you are preforming, but I'm not intrusive, just curious. I'm very food motivated, but surprisingly polite in the kitchen, I like to monitor what I may be getting a sampling of later. But I have known to steal a piece of pizza or two! I don't mind putting in my share of help around the house, I'm very good at pointing out spots you've missed vacuuming (it's under me, cause I'm not moving out of my spot, you can vacuum around me). I can lick dishes clean.

I love to be clean, I enjoy bath time, especially when I get a towel dry with a soft cloth afterwards and a cozy blanket, or one of my sleepovers I had a fire going, I like those! Although I'm still a young gal, I know when I'm ready to call it a night, if you're a bit of a night owl, I'll let you do your thing and keep the bed warm. Also, best believe I'll be allowed on your bed, and the couch, and a 'dog' bed for me.

I LOVE girls.
Sweet girls who call me pretty and give me lots of praise and chicken.
Boys not so much. That doesn't mean I'll never like boys, but I need them to understand that it's going to take me a LOT LONGER to become comfortable with you. Sometimes boys forget that they're tone, body language and eye contact can be a little too intimidating for me.



My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take many trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. It takes a few controlled sessions to make the slow introduction and convince me I don't have to be scared of you. 

-Understanding that it will take me much longer to become comfortable with new males, at this time, I trust women much faster.

-Is experienced with reactive dogs. It will be up to you to keep me and everyone else safe.

-Lives in a QUIET area – busy places are not for me! I need a direct and private access to the outdoors where I will not be running into strange humans or dogs.

-A safe, secure, and private yard is a huge bonus. If not though, lets get out and explore some secluded spots together! 

-Loves snuggly girls, watching movies, suntanning in the back yard, and SNACKS!

-Will continue with my training and take me on SAFE and SECLUDED walks/adventures only. I will not be able to walk down busy streets, go to dog parks, or other busy places.

-Patient with me on our first few meetings – I will be scared of you at first and you will need to make multiple trips to WAG before I understand that you are not a threat.

-Is pro-muzzle. I need to wear one in public to keep me and everyone else safe.

-Lives a quiet lifestyle with no visitors/social events at the house. I do not like visitors unless I have already built a relationship with them.

-Will love me forever no matter what!




In July I reached a milestone that nobody around here seemed excited to celebrate. 4 years at WAG. 4 years waiting for my forever home. 4 years of being misunderstood. Sometimes I feel like a celebrity, with my pretty face plastered around the shelter, online and on the coinboxes in town. I am really lucky to have so many fans and be so loved, but what I really need is for that one person special person to notice me. My person for life.  

OF COURSE there was still a party for fabulous me, to celebrate my wins and progress and to discuss plans to help make my dreams come true this year.

I have been busy working on making new human friends, going on parallel walks with a sweet calm dog and one of my BFF's - Kayla the Dog Nanny. We have been going at my pace and I have been doing really well. All my friends are so proud of me and I love to make them happy.

Another thing I have been working on is going to a parallel walk club that Kayla runs in Pemberton. It is a group with about 10 other reactive dogs who are working on their triggers too. We use positive reinforcement and work on reconditioning our responces to other dogs and their humans. The goal is to stay under threshold around triggers and build on our confidence each week. Plus they have a pond at the property which I love to splash around in as water is my FAVOURITE thing.

Thank you to all of my supporters near and far. Thank you for sharing my story and donating to my care. I appreciate it and I know my friends at WAG feel the love too.

Follow my story on Instagram @lookingforahomelola for more updates from me!

My Story:

I have had a very unstable start to my life. I was impounded by the RCMP when my previous caregivers were arrested. They never returned to pick me up and I was left at WAG.

It is believed that I was abused and neglected in my previous home, hence my fearfulness and anxiety. I have never had a stable home life, or proper training prior to WAG, both of which I need in my next home.

I am quite sad that I've found myself at a shelter but I have settled into the stable routine well and impressed the staff at how much I have grown in my time here!

I can't wait for a lady that will commit a lifetime of love to me.