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Dog Trainers in Whistler and Beyond

WAG advocates for the use of force-free, humane animal training techniques via  evidence-based learning theories. As dog training is an unregulated industry in BC we advise all dog guardians to seek out certified professionals aligning with the BC SPCA's 'Position Statement on Animal Training' and be consientious consumers.


Local Whistler Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

WAG advises dog guardians to use dog walkers and pet sitters who use Fear Free, Positive Reinforcement based training techniques along with First Aid certifications and valid insurance. 


Tips for finding a qualified dog trainer

- Seek out trainers who have gained credentialing or certifications through trusted, reward based educational institutions

- Inquire about insurance coverage and first aid qualifications

- Ask about continuing education


Local Veterinarian Clinics

A good relationship with your vet is an important part of caring for a furry member of the family. WAG works closely with vets throughout the Sea to Sky corridor:


Specialist Veterinarians and Clinics

When you need a little extra help!


Pet Insurance

In Canada, we are lucky to have human health care covered through our taxes so rarely see the true costs, but the costs are real, and for our furry family members, can happen when you least expect it. WAG recommends looking into pet insurance to see if a plan may be right for you. There are many companies out there, but here are two to start off your research:

Pet Secure Pet Health Insurance

Trupanion Pet Medical Insurance