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WAG’s Adoption Process

Thank you for choosing to adopting via WAG! We know that every animal (and every home) is unique, so our aim is to find the 'perfect match' for each of our residents and facilitate a successful transition. 

If you are ready to commit to adding a special dog or cat to your loving home then please follow the 4 steps outlined below:

*Puppy & Kitten Adoptions*

Please follow the same process as above and do your best to be patient. Applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, ONCE we have received your application. If you are ready to adopt a puppy or a kitten, we recommend monitoring our website regularly for new arrivals as we are a small team and are unable to run a wait/wish list for potential adopters.

     Before you Adopt!

  • Are you prepared for a lifetime commitment?
  • Do you have other animals? How might they react?
  • Do you have, or are you planning on having, children?
  • Do you have long-term pet friendly accomodation? 
  • Does your strata have pet related rules?
  • What will happen to the animal if you move? 
  • Who will look after them when you go on vacation?
  • If your current relationship changes or if something happens to you, who will look after them?
  • What are your plans for training?
  • What personality best fits your lifestyle?
  • How will you afford vet care?
  • Have you considered pet insurance?

Adoption is a lifetime commitment to that animal - make sure you are ready!

Adoption Fees

  • Puppies (under 1 year)…$475 + PST*
  • Adult Dog (1 -9 years)…$375 + PST*
  • Senior Dog (10+ years)…$200 + PST*
  • Kittens (under 1 year)…$300 + PST*
  • Adult Cat (1 -9 years)…$250 + PST*
  • Senior Cat (10+ years)…$150 + PST*

*PST is British Columbia's Provincial Sales Tax. WAG is required to charge PST on all adoption fees. The PST is currently at a rate of 7%.

Our adoption fees are all-inclusive. Every animal receives:
- A full veterinary exam upon arrival at WAG with one of our local partner vets 
- Up-to-date basic vaccinations whilst in our care (Dogs: Da2PP / Cats: FVRCP)
- Spay or neuter surgery 
- Regular parasite control (intestinal parasites, fleas, lice, and more)
- If needed, additional medical treatment as advised by the Vet 


Every year there are new advancements made to veterinary care, and more treatments are available than ever before. These treatments can be lifesaving but are also expensive. When the unexpected happens, Petsecure lets you focus on what’s important, getting your pet back to their happy healthy

We are a proud partner of Petsecure, a 100% Canadian owned and operated pet insurance company since 1989. Petsecure is dedicated to promoting responsible pet guardianship and caring for your pet’s health and wellness and is pleased to provide a complimentary six-week trial of pet health insurance for
your new dog or cat.

Trial Details:
- Coverage up to $500 for accidents and illnesses
80% coverage on eligible vet bills, less a $100 per incident deductible
- 48 hour waiting period from the date your new pet goes home
- A welcome package will be sent to you, including a personalized quote

Benefits of converting to a policy before your trial expires:
- Uninterrupted coverage- no additional accident or illness waiting periods
- No exclusions- any claims covered under your trial will continue under your policy
- Coverage for life- for accidents and illness, dental, special coverage, wellness benefits and more
- No older pet tests- for senior pets adopted (cats over 10 and dogs over 8 years of age)

Adoptsecure Cat & Dog English

Petsecure believes you should have the freedom to make decisions about your pet’s medical care with your heart, not your wallet. With four plans to choose from, click here to view their coverage options that will fit both your budget and coverage needs.
If you have any questions about your trial, need to make a claim, or to convert to a policy, please contact:
1-800-268-1169 or [email protected]

Still have questions about adoption? Contact our team to learn more.....


Martha - Adoptions Coordinator

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