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About Us


Whistler Animals Galore (WAG) was founded in 1982 when two friends identified the need for an animal rescue service in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Since then, WAG has grown into a respected community asset, providing many services and unique programs such as our Matchmaker adoption process, lost and found animal services, volunteer programs, foster programs, animal rehabilitation programs, and more.WAG also partners with the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) by housing impounded dogs.
WAG is non-profit and registered charity that cares for and re-homes many cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens each year.


Whistler Animals Galore is a not for profit animal shelter and rehabilitation center. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to homeless and lost dogs and cats in our community and to be advocates in finding their forever homes.

We place a strong emphasis on rehabilitation, critical, and compassionate care.


Through education and awareness, create a safe and loving community for dogs, cats and people to enjoy together.


WAG is a leader in the community for promoting animal welfare through education, awareness and advocacy.

Promote Animal Welfare
WAG is reaching out to our community and those around us to help find ways to make animal welfare possible for everyone. Through our assistance programs and volunteer programs, we strive to educate people how to be the best possible pet owners. For all dogs within the sled dog industry, we promote the Sled Dog Code of Practice.

Community Perception
WAG is a cherished community asset that would not be possible without the unwavering support of its residents. We proudly share this asset with residents and visitors alike.

Sustaining the Organization
Our high standards of care for our animals does not come for free. In order to maintain these standards and achieve financial stability, fundraisers, community awareness and participation is a must. The pride with which our community takes in the shelter experience offers us the ability to sustain this unique shelter.

WAG is transparent and honest in its actions and communications to give our stakeholders a high level of confidence. 

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WAG strives to maintain an extremely high standard of care for our animals. We pride ourselves on providing the best training, enrichment, and medical care to our animals, while they wait to find their Forever Homes. We are advocates of Positive Reinforcement Training techniques and strive to educate the public about animal welfare.
WAG animals enjoy many types of enrichment, from socialization and play to training and behavior modification. They even enjoy puzzles, interactive food bowls, Kong's, and more.
Some animals that come to WAG need a little bit of work before they are ready to be adopted. This can include recovery from injury or surgery or behavior modification, such as confidence building.
Critical Care:
This program provides medical treatment to those animals that have no one else to care for them. This medical treatment includes anything above and beyond the routine medical care that all WAG animals receive, such as vaccines, parasite control, and spay/neuter surgeries.
Compassionate Care:
WAG welcomes all animals at all stages of life. Our Compassionate Care animals often have long-term health issues, behavioral issues, are seniors, or palliative care cases. WAG provides them with the care, training, and love that they need.


The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) provides the building that Whistler Animals Galore currently occupies, as well as funding grants. In exchange, WAG provides animal bylaw services for the municipality, which includes taking care of impounded dogs, identifying owners and contacting them, recording the input and release of the animal, and taking payment.

For this service, the RMOW provides partial funding WAG needs to perform its animal rescue mandate.

The remaining funding needs to be raised through donations, sponsorships, fundraising events, campaigns, merchandise, and more.

WAG is incredibly grateful for the continued support from the Resort Municipality of Whistler. With the fee for service funding that the RMOW generously provides to WAG we are able to offer animal welfare education and resources to our community, help homeless animals find their forever homes and help reunite lost and found animals in our community.

PLEASE NOTE: WAG and the RMOW are separate identities. WAG does not control the Whistler by-laws - our staff is there to give your pet love while they stay safe at WAG. Please remember to treat us with respect when you come to claim your animal, and all comments or complaints can be made to Whistler By-Law at 604-935-8280.

WAG staff does not have the power to change or reduce impound or licence fees.

Please follow the Whistler By-laws! Keep your dog on a leash on municipal property and make sure all your pets have proper ID so they can be immediately identified if found.

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