A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Get Involved!

Are you under 19 and looking for ways to help WAG? We have some great ideas!


  • Put together a pet food bank at your school. Collect food, treats, and toys for animals in need.
  • Create a poster for WAG about:
    • The importance of having id for pets
    • Whistler’s leashing rules
    • Picking up poop
    • Dogs in the back of pick-up trucks
    • Dogs on tethers
    • Spay and neuter
    • Antifreeze poisoning
    • Animal care
    • What WAG does in the Community
    • Showcase an animal that's up for adoption
  • Write a letter to your local government on why protecting animals is important to you.
  • Host a Bake Sale, Lemonade Stand, Car Wash, or BBQ in honour of WAG.
  • Host a "Loonies for Love" campaign at your school, or with a sports team.
  • Interview a local vet and write a column on what you learn about their job. Send it to local papers.
  • Host a craft day and make toys for the animals.
  • Host a "Bad Original Drawing of Your Pet" fundraiser. Get members of the community to submit pictures of their animals and then attempt to draw a portrait for a donation. 
  • Reading Club - Create a reading club for kids to read a book a week to their pets.
  • Create a commercial for WAG to post on YouTube or Facebook.

Feel free to come up with your own ideas too!

We LOVE to recognize our young supporters with a customized Official Donation Certificate, a visit with an animal (if possible), photos, and a thank you on our social media!