A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Xena’s Journey…

Update: Wednesday April 4th, 2018:



We are thrilled to announce that Xena's adoption went through officially this afternoon, and she has now joined her Forever Family...


Thank you for welcoming a senior animal with health issues into your home – this is when they need one more than ever!

We would like to take this time to thank everyone who has been involved with Xena’s care over the last few months – we are so lucky to have such an amazing community!

Her foster families:
-Meghan and Eric Wastle
-Rob Ferguson

Her biggest fan:
-Ryan Clark

Her future adopter; Lindsay!!
Thank you for welcoming a senior animal with health issues into your home – this is when they need one more than ever!

Her supporters and donors:


Update: Saturday March 24th, 2018:

Xena is in a Foster home, with high hopes that it will turn into her FOREVER HOME! She just needs to get along with a feline sibling... stay tuned for more!

Xena's journey with us started in early December of 2017...

...When WAG received a call from Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital in Squamish. A 9-year-old female shepherd was brought to the clinic with a knee injury. The owners were unwilling to pay for the surgery, but because Xena was otherwise healthy and very happy, Dr. Honey hoped that a shelter could give her the care she needed.

WAG was the only shelter approached that would take on her age and medical condition.

Thanks to donations to our Critical Care Fund, Xena was booked in for knee surgery with Dr. Lane at Eagleview Veterinary Hospital and received amazing rehabilitation care from Jen Smith and Points East West Veterinary Service.

While recovering, Xena started to experience upset stomachs, causing her to lose weight and vomit. Her past medical records stated that she may have food allergies, so WAG started her on medication and prescription food as a trial basis.

When her condition worsened, she began to vomit up blood and lose more weight. She was sent for an Ultrasound at Eagleview Veterinary Hospital, and her results were very puzzling and concerning; large masses and inflammation was found in her stomach. It was possibly cancer, but to get a definitive diagnosis, she would need to have another procedure.

Xena was then referred to the internal medicine department at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialists and Dr. Astrid Neilssen for an endoscopy procedure and a biopsy of the stomach tissue.

Brave Xena endured the long drive to Langley and an overnight stay in the hospital. She was rewarded the next morning with two new giant squeaky toys and a trip to Petsmart.

Everyone nervously waited for her results, hoping for the best. When they finally came, they were not what anyone expected…

It is suspected that she suffers from a very rare and little-known condition called Idiopathic Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Masses or IEGM. Not much is known about this condition, how it starts, or how to treat it. But the best news was that our brave girl did not have cancer!

Xena will be started on a course of medication to try and treat the inflammation and has been changed to another prescription diet. We are hopeful that this treatment will work well enough that surgery can be avoided.


Our Goals for Xena going Forward are Simple:

  • Find her a home that will continue her medical care!
  • Raise awareness about her case and the kinds of animals that find themselves homeless, with nowhere to go.
  • Encourage people to donate to our Critical Care Fund, which was there for Xena when no one else was.
  • Never have her spend ONE NIGHT alone at WAG ever again!



(Photo Credits: Adele Ng, Red Bark Photography)



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Check out all her adventures and friends she has made along the way!