A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Wesley – Adopted August 2013

The family who adopted Weasley sent us this wonderful update a year after he was adopted 🙂

” I adopted Weasley, a former Whistler Sled dog in August of 2013. Like the other sleddies, he had never lived in a house, ridden in a car, walked on a leash, and didn’t know basic commands. Being a very intelligent dog, he learned very quickly, becoming a house pet in no time at all. He joined our household of two adults, one senior dog and two cats. They all get along wonderfully. Weasley is a very friendly dog. Whenever he is at the dog park, he makes the rounds and manages to cuddle up and get lots of attention and petting. So many people would comment on how striking he is, with his blue eyes and sweet demeanor, that I had to share that and register him in as a Pet Therapy/Visitation Dog. He was accepted into BC Pets and Friends. We visit a Care Home near my house every Saturday, and Weasley seems to enjoy it. He gets very excited when I put his bandanna on him and almost drags me into the building when we arrive at the care home. ”

Congrautaltions Weasley!

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