A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

WAG welcomes two new faces…

We are pleased to announce some special guests arriving at the shelter in early April 2016!

WAG was contacted by the Soi Dog Foundation as a potential candidate to re-home dogs rescued from the meat trade in Thailand.

“Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization in Thailand, the United States, Australia, the UK, France, and Holland. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand, works to end the dog meat trade throughout the region, and responds to animal welfare disasters and emergencies.”

We are thrilled to have been approved as an adoption agency for this special organization, and have made plans to welcome two Soi Dogs to our shelter in April 2016.  This will not affect our ability to welcome and care for local animals in need in our own community. The funding for these dogs will come from WAG’s own fundraising efforts through a specific fundraising campaign, and they have already been spayed and neutered.

The Soi Dog Foundation strives to help dogs of Asia through multiple ways:

  1. Spaying and Neutering:

This is the best method of controlling the population numbers and preventing unneeded suffering. The Soi Dog Foundation has spayed and neutered over 104,282 dogs and cats.

  1. Helping to end the dog meat trade:

Every year tens of thousands of dogs are inhumanely and illegally transported from Thailand to neighboring countries where they are tortured and killed, or die of suffocation in their packed transport cages before they arrive. Because of the belief that pain and suffering will result in tender meat, the dogs and cats are tortured, often for hours, before being skinned alive. The Soi Dog Foundation and the Thai government are actively working to end this appalling practice by presenting draft legislation to the Thai Parliament for the enactment of stronger animal welfare laws. Arrests through the industry are increasing, with the contributions of the Royal Thai Police, the Royal Thai Navy, and Soi Dog Foundations’ undercover investigators.

  1. Education:

Weekly tours see local students and learn about the plight of Soi dogs. They can experience and learn that animals have the same basic needs as humans – food, shelter, medical care, a home, and love, while interacting with the animals.

  1. Providing emergency services to dogs and cats in medical distress.

We are thrilled to welcome


to Canada, to Whistler, and to WAG:

If you would like to donate to WAG’s Soi dogs, you can donate directly to their fund by clicking HERE, dropping by the shelter, or calling us at 604-935-8364!

For more information on the plight of Soi dogs and the Soi Dog Foundation, please visit their website at:


WAG believes in the humane, respectful, and compassionate treatment of all animals and encourages the public’s education about the animal industries. WAG is proud to be a participant in the effort to improve animal welfare practices both locally and around the world, helping to promote and provide educated and informed choices for individuals.