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Dog Run Funding Project – NEW UPDATES!



The original dog run and some of our challenges:

Due to the Nesters and Garbage depot expansion, WAG LOST OUR OUTDOOR GRASS RUN AND TREES!

Though a new, smaller area has been proposed by the RMOW, WAG is in need of the community’s support to develop an outdoor dog run area that is SAFE, SECURE, and USABLE. By November 30th, WAG had to raise a minimum of $40,000 from a variety of sources to ensure the dogs in their care will have the best possible support and safe access to the outdoors.
The proposed fencing option is chain link with dirt flooring, however...
“We believe a safe, protected and interactive outdoor place to socialize and exercise is vital for the health and happiness of our shelter dogs who call WAG home. We are looking to the Whistler community and visitors to support our fundraising for a safe and secure fence option,” says Lindsay Suckling, WAG Shelter Operations Manager.
A new dog run will be constructed at WAG; however, it will require a SOLID fence to ensure dog safety and wellbeing. WAG’s priority is the safety and welfare of its animals while also ensuring WAG remains a good neighbor in the Nesters area.

Why is WAG choosing solid fencing?

 Solid fencing is vital for the health and wellbeing of the dogs and community as it:
1) Protects against garbage entering the dog run.
2) Protects against negative human and dog interactions, such as fingers being stuck through the bars, yelling, feeding of food, etc, often leading to increased frustration and reduced adaptability.
3) Reduces the risk of disease/illness transfer.
4) Solid fencing will be set 6 inches into the ground, preventing dogs from digging under the fence, or rats from digging in.
5) Reduce noise pollution (garbage trucks, traffic, bottles smashing, etc.). Many WAG dogs are fearful due to past neglect or abuse and will not be able to tolerate the noise.
6) Provide the dogs with a QUIET and SAFE space to:
-Socialize: training sessions, enrichment activities, and play with each other, adopters, staff and volunteers, increasing adaptability, and allowing more animals to be rescued.
-Comfortably relieve themselves. Many dogs in WAG’s care have never been on a leash and are scared to walk near the busy highway.
“WAG is committed to reducing kennel stress and to socialize our animals,” says Suckling. “Our dog-run has always been an essential space in maintaining our standards of animal welfare and socialization. Due to these unforeseen changes, the solid fence is of vital importance and we hope our Whistler community and broader dog-loving community will support us with our fundraising efforts.”
More info on Simtek fencing: http://www.simtekfence.com/

Here’s what you can do to help the animals at WAG:

1) Donate to WAG to ensure a safe, outdoor space for our shelter dogs and puppies! Donations are accepted online at www.whistlerwag.com.
2) Spread the word to your networks of our exciting new project and need for funding!

 What You are Funding:

Phase 1: Solid Simtek fencing option ($40,000)
Next spring, we hope to launch fundraising efforts to continue the development of our outdoor dog run. Any surplus funds made from Phase 1 fundraising efforts will carry over to fund:
Phase 2: Landscaping
There will be no grass, dirt, or trees in the new run,­­ which are a necessity for the health and wellbeing of our animals.
Phase 3: Interactive dog enrichment unit
The newly relocated dog area will be smaller than our previous one and square/rectangular. Many of our dogs are high energy or love to play fetch, and running is integral to using up excess energy and reducing frustration. In an effort to replace their ability to run, we are planning to build an interactive structure for the dogs, including features such as multi-level houses, ramps, stairs, perches, tug stations, and more.


WAG is very fortunate to have amazing supporters, foster homes and volunteers.  We know WAG will be able to continue to enhance the lives of animals in WAG’s care with your ongoing assistance.  We thank you for your support!

The original dog run and some of our challenges:


WAG would like to take this opportunity to formally thank the following donors:

A very special thank you to The James Upton Foundation: Without his initial enthusiasm and support for this project, we may never have gotten it off the ground! This $25,000 contribution is vital to the success of the overall project and we are honored and grateful to have received this support.

Our community for their donations and overwhelming understanding and support of this important project.

The Rotary Club of Whistler for their extremely generous grant contribution.

We are also excited to announce that construction has been delayed, which means we can keep our existing dog run and trees for the winter and we will have more time to fund raise over the winter if needed!

Thank you again to our community, foundations, and donors…stay tuned for more updates!

The Rotary Club of Whistler stops by to make their generous donation...