A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Tuck – Adopted June 2015

Tuck came to WAG in January this year, he was heartbroken to be surrendered by his family and for the first few weeks at WAG he was very nervous and scared. He wasn’t sure what to make of the new routine and seemingly endless strangers to be introduced to. So we took it very slow with this boy, waiting until he felt comfortable enough to introduce him to new things and people. It wasn’t long before Tuck really started to become friends with the staff and our amazing team of volunteers. Tuck made friends with our resident dog, Barnes, and soon they became inseparable, both boosting each other’s confidence. We found out his favorite game to play was fetch, and even though he wasn’t the best at giving the ball back, he could run! Tuck was here for a while and even though he made tremendous improvements, it didn’t seem like anyone wanted to adopt him. Until, one day, his future-forever mom came to inquire about Tuck. She had followed every post about him and was ready to go as slow as Tuck needed. She continued to gain Tucks trust by coming and throwing the ball with him and taking him for walks. He fell in love with her and she vowed to keep him forever and always. Tuck now lives the sweet life out in Pemberton. He has amazing walks, river adventures,  has made dog friends, and attends training classes with Alpine Dogs.

We could not be happier for Tuck and his new mom, and we look forward to the day we see you both on a dog walk!!

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