A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Theo – Adopted January 2016

Theo came to WAG when he had jumped out the back of a truck, resulting in a compound femur fracture. His previous owners could not afford to pay for the surgery he needed so they surrendered him to WAG. After receiving surgery,  Theo was back to his normal mischievous puppy self, not understanding what bed rest was, he managed to do more damage and had to receive a second surgery. Thankfully Theo was able to spend some of his nights in a foster home that had gone through surgery recovery, he was able to start on his physiotherapy and begin the road to recovery! Theo’s owners fell in love with those puppy eyes and were willing to help Theo make a full recovery and become a happy healthy puppy!

A huge Thank you to the Veterinarians and Clinics that provided Theo with amazing care! 

Dr. White with Pemberton Veterinary Clinic who was the first point of contact after his accident, he received his wellness exam as well as medical treatment to make him as comfortable as possible prior to surgery.

Dr. Lane with Eagleview Veterinary Clinic who preformed both surgeries on Theo and provided WAG with amazing aftercare instructions to help Theo recover as quickly as possible!

Hi Everyone at WAG!

This is Theo, just wanted to give an update about my year and a bit in my new home. After I went to my new home, my parents made sure that I was on my road to recovery after I had broken my leg falling out of a truck. I was given physical therapy and massage for a little while until I got the ok to do water therapy. Once I started water therapy, my leg had regained strength and tone. Even though I had water therapy, swimming is still not one of my favourite things to do, maybe I need water wings? Now that I’m 100% I enjoy going for long walks.I love going to the dog park, meeting new friends and being able to run and play with my new friends.Even to the point playing for almost 3 hours at the park where I was pooped out one time . I’m a sweet boy who loves people. Dad says I don’t have a bad bone in my body! I love to snuggle with my parents. In fact, I love to climb onto the couch and snuggle with my Dad. My Mom caught us on the couch watching tv together. I have my own chair that I enjoy napping on, chewing my bone on or when I want to veg out I’ll go on there instead of hanging out in my crate.I do find the tv a curious thing, sometimes I see animals on there I will go up to it and think I’m going to make a new friend. I wag my tail and I want to play! I have been to school for obedience but since I’m still a bit of an older pup, I’m still a bit mischievous and stubborn. I can shake your hand to say hello, sit, stay and lie down on command. I love to play keep away from Mom and Dad and any new friend at the park, giving back and dropping the toy…well…I need to work on that. I do know how to stack my toys, I can put the small toy into the big one and then I can pick them up in my mouth and move them around the house.I’m not a picky eater I love my meat and veggies and the natural treats I get. I think it’s in my nature to chase after squirrels, rabbits and cats. Mom caught me peeking at a squirrel outside our house. I also like to watch the humming birds at the feeder on the patio.  Otherwise, I’m doing well and had a blast playing in the snow in the last few weeks!