A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Tabby
Gender: Male, neutered 
Age: Around 4 years old 
Size: Medium


Energy Level: Low (currently in recovery)
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? Older, looking for a calm household
Cats? Possibly, if calm
Dogs? Possibly, if calm
Medical Needs: Monitoring for reoccurrence in the future, vet checkups, specialist urinary cat food 

About Me:

Hi, I'm Stryker!

I have been in the care of WAG as part of their critical care program for a couple of weeks now. I was rushed for emergency care due to a urinary blockage which led me to become very unwell very quickly. After lots of tests, love and three nights in overnight care, I was stable enough for my catheter to be removed and for me to pee on my own! Everyone at the vet and the clinic was delighted, and I was able to be moved into a wonderful quiet foster home where I can relax and recuperate.

Stryker will need his forever home to be calm and loss stress. They will need to keep a close eye on him and his health in the future, as cats with blockage issues are more prone to reoccurrences. He will also need to be on a special diet ongoing to assist with his urinary health which will be a cost to consider.

Stryker has moved into a new foster home and they gave us this little update!

"His little personality is starting to show… The first week or so he barely wanted pets and now he comes to us for attention & is even starting to curl up on our laps or snuggle under a blanket here & there. He loves birdwatching, his appetite has definitely increased and he just seems to be getting stronger and happier as he settles in with us. Oh, and he’s very curious about the dog who comes to visit and they smell each-other through the screen window. "

Stryker's foster mom helped him write his bio:

"If I could have an award for anything, it would be 'World's Cuddliest Cat'. My favourite place to be is sitting on a lap and getting head strokes. You can expect lots of head butts and nudges, as well as extremely loud purring. I love sleeping in a bed (and preferably on your chest) at bedtime. I spend lots of my day sleeping on the bed and love to find spots to cozy up in. I love when my humans create little forts for me to snuggle up in (preferably on your lap with a blanket over me). My active times are late afternoon and evening; I love to have my humans play with me but I can also entertain myself with toys.
I am a social eater and drinker and often need encouragement. I feel most comfortable eating when I have you standing close by. I love to drink directly from the tap and will ask you to turn it on for me! I will need to be monitored (and sometimes encouraged) to make sure I am using my litter box regularly.
I get along with ALL humans. I am super friendly and head butt newcomers immediately. I am extremely gentle and would never deliberately scratch or bite, even if you rub my belly. I have not tried living with other animals, but I get startled easily and it's important to keep my stress levels low. I would prefer a quiet household with more humans than pets. I love company and am looking for a family that spends a decent amount of time at home.
I would rather not be picked up straight away. It takes time and lots of chin scratches for me to build that trust. You'll know when I want to be picked up when I start becoming vocal with you (my meows are the cutest)."

My Purrrfect Match

  • Will be ready for a long term commitment
  • Will keep a close eye on my toilet habits 
  • Will keep my health in mind and take me into the vet for regular checkups and be able to pay for my special diet 
  • Will give me time to adjust to my new surroundings
  • Will set me up for success if I am expected to move into a home with new animals or young kids
  • Will keep me safe and happy, forever.

My Story:

My family loved me very much but were unable to afford my costly emergency care.

They knew that WAG would give me the best chance at getting the help I needed when I was extremely unwell.


If you can't adopt me, please consider donating to my costly care!