A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Stella – Adopted June 2020!




Breed: Mastiff x Lab (Parents Unkown)
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Year 6 Months
Size: Large
Where you can find me: At WAG
Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: Walking on a leash, being touched, going to the bathroom while on a leash
House trained? Yes
Kids? No
Cats? Unknown
Dogs? Yes, I need to live with another confident dog.
Medical Needs: Regular Veterinary Care


My Perfect Match:

-Has another confident dog to help me feel safe.

-Experience with fearful/feral dogs

-No kids and a quiet lifestyle

-Has lots of patience and understanding of my past - I had no human contact for the first months of my life and was feral.

- Will not be offended if I do not warm up to you right away! It took me months to trust my friends at WAG and you will have to be willing to give me the time I need.

-Will go very slow with me and let me gain confidence, I have never lived in a home before, been on a leash or harness, and many other things that most dog owners take for granted.

-Willing to take multiple trips to WAG to build trust and a relationship with me.

-Will keep me on leash and safe with a GPS tracker - I am a flight risk!

-A safe and secure fenced yard is a huge plus!

-Will love me forever no matter what!

About Me:

I am very shy and not used to human interaction. I only learned to walk on a leash recently, but still very nervous and am just staying close to the shelter. I was only touched by humans for the first time in the past few months and I need a confident dog friend to show me that all humans are not bad.
Once I have learned a little more, I will be happy in a quiet home with someone who understands me and my special needs.

My Story:

I was rescued with my litter mates from a remote area where I had no family and no human interaction. I was brought to PAWS in Pemberton, where I started to learn that all humans were not bad, though I was not making progress there, as I would not let any of them touch me!

I was transferred to WAG's facility where they have been working with me daily to build up my confidence and trust, and in the last few weeks, I have made huge progress.

I now allow them to touch me and have even worn a harness and been outside of the shelter! This is huge for me!

Watch our social media to follow my progress!