A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Stardust – adopted September 2015









Stardust was surrendered to WAG this summer at our wellness clinic. This girl hasn’t had the easiest past and desperately wanted human affection.
All of our volunteers and staff loved her, cause she loved you. She wasn’t getting enough attention at the shelter, and wasn’t too happy with
the kittens we had at the time, so she went into our foster homes. Our staff Mallory took her to foster, we knew she was keeping her.

I didn’t bring Stardust home with the intention of adopting, but this girl brightens my day, I love coming home to her. She had my heart the second I
looked in her big blue eyes. She can be a little bit of a chatty girl around breakfast and dinner, which is never left untouched. She is playful
and spunky but is the most happy when she is cuddling with you, on your lap, in your arms, under the sheets. She is understanding that her forever
home is with me, where she’ll always be safe, and we’ll be able to grow up together.

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