A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Sparrow aka Ryder – Adopted August 2014

Ryder (previously known as Sparrow) came from a family of six puppies and momma, that were found.  His family came up to visit the remaining puppies, Ryder and a female one.  As Ryder's mom says "we were shown Ryder first, and were told he was a little stubborn and mischievous, not so well behaved as his sister – we chuckled at that.  Well, we fell in love with the blonde ball of excitement, especially our 5 year old son.  That was it, that’s all we needed, we were sold….took him home that day!"


Ryder decided to write his very own happy tail:

Now some 2 ½ years and 89lbs later…….I’m still a blonde ball of excitement!  Women would kill for my blonde highlights, at least that’s what my momma says!  My 7 yr old brother and I play like two toddlers, him with his 2 legs and me with my 4.… that’s what momma tells us.  I get to sleep anywhere I want to but I always seem to choose the nice cool tile even though I have this huge round bed – I use that to get my treats on.  My brother and I love running around the house and play “tag” or when someone throws my ball around.  I like to clean faces, my little brother always lets me clean his, he laughs a lot when I do that.  There’s a park across the street where I meet all my friends and we run around and chase each other.  Sometimes I see them in the morning, afternoon or evening or all three times!  There are squirrels and birds I try to get but they’re too fast for me.  I like to go outside A LOT!  I certainly like the snow…..I jump in it as much as I can when we had it a few months ago.   I could even sleep out there if my momma or dad would let me.  My back yard has some of my toys that are for outside only….I don’t get it because I try to bring them in but momma won’t let me.  We also play “fetch” but I like “tug of war” the best….I’m still working on the “drop it” thing.  Every week I go to this fenced in park and I meet a whole bunch of new friends.  I run so much I get so pooped I have to go home to rest. 
Dad says I talk a lot, especially when I want someone to play with me!  Momma just laughs when I talk to her, she thinks it very funny.  When she sits on the couch I always cuddle with her the most.  I love it when someone’s in the kitchen, but I have a line I cannot cross otherwise I have to leave.  So I patiently wait, just off to the side until I’m called in to clean up any messes…..dad says that’s part of my job.  I’m not a picky eater, will eat almost anything…..even those soft toys that I don’t get anymore, momma says all I do is poop them out so that’s not good for me.   When someone knocks on my door or rings my bell, I make sure the whole house knows we have company. Well I guess that's it for now.
Other than that, I’m doing great!