A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Skye aka Pepper – Adopted August 2014

Skyes mother Zelda was surrendered to WAG when she was pregnant. She was due to have her puppies and we didn’t want her to have to raise her babies in a busy shelter so we found a loving foster home for Zelda. Skye was born at the foster home and was raised with her 8 siblings until she was old enough to get adopted.

Skye was adopted in August and they renamed her Pepper.

“She is doing great at home, and we have all had a great time bonding this week. We cannot thank you enough for all of the information and support you have shown throughout this process. Jay and I are quickly reading through the book “After you get your Puppy” by Dr Ian Dunbar and it is a life saver. Our neighbours have fallen in love with Pepper already.”

Congratulations Pepper 🙂

skye happy 2 skye happy tail