A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Skye (Formerly Mary Lou) – Adopted 2005


It's been quite a few years since we sent WAGS an email but we have dropped by your shelter a few times since 2005, when we first adopted Skye, our very special family member.

We wanted to send you a message, a note to say that this amazing animal who brought us so much love and our friends and community so much joy, was laid to rest on July 25, 2017 - 12 years 8 months after we were brought her home from WAGS.

At that time, WAGS was still at the old location, but we went through the same process as everyone - the application, the interview (interviews of our landlords too!), the viewing after she was spayed, and then the realization that our lives would never again be the same.

4 years of planning before we got Skye (then called Mary-Lou, one of a pack of 9 including her mother) and 9 months of in-home care, house-training and just socialization in general. By that time, everyone in the neighbourhood had fallen in love with her, the retail shop owners, the people who frequented the parks, and even the cat lovers. She was so beautiful, inside and out, intelligent and ever so independent. A true husky crossbreed.

Skye loved hiking, swimming, running up and down stairs at the schools, chasing  cats (even though she never knew what to do once she caught up with them) and having soft sheets and beds to lie on. She knew more than 50 words and out-performed all the other dogs when she participated in neighbourhood dog competitions.

During her active life, she did countless road trips, camping trips, took many ferries, ran up and down many beaches and even impressed people in the USA when she visited.

We share this Happy Tail with you even though she has passed because we miss her a lot and think of her every day. We also know that our experience with WAGS partly the reason why she became THE story of our lives. The match was perfect, the information on the Monks of New Skete to help us with her training, the interviews and the support and her very first Bosley package… all made such a great start to the 12 years with her.

Please know (and share with your staff and volunteers) how much our WAGS adoption meant to us  and how great an impact Skye had on us these last 12 years or so. She taught us patience and love, how to let go of the unimportant things and how to embrace  simple gifts we take for granted - clean air, fresh water, the ocean, and a walk.

Thank you WAGS, for giving us the journey and memories for a lifetime…