A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Sadie – Adopted October 2016

Sadie and her mom Lady were brought to WAG by concerned citizens. The dogs were being mistreated and unfortunately Sadie’s siblings were not found before they could come to WAG. Both Lady and Sadie had a happy and short time living at the shelter before being snapped up by their respective loving families. Sadie’s parents have sent a few updates about her first year with them:

Sadie is such a sweetheart. She loves everyone and wants to be friends with any dog she meets. She did her obedience classes, very quick to learn, but can be selective when she wants to listen and do what’s asked. Sadie loves the lake and went in swimming after a couple of ducks the other day. Her favorite thing to do is find small twigs by the shore. She puts her nose in the water to pick things up, and ends up blowing bubbles.

Sadie is quite a character and what could be classified as a velcro dog. She has to know where we are all the time, even opening the bathroom door to make sure whoever’s inside is all right.
She doesn’t bark that much, but can sometimes come up with a true howl. The first time we heard her, we were very surprised.
She is a true sweetie and we are so glad we got her.