A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Ruby AKA Leia – Adopted July 2015

“Leia was only timid for the first day or so, but soon realized that every doorway and change in flooring leads to a new adventure. Leia is a remarkably intelligent dog, who after a week already knows and responds to her name. She is recalling quite well, but will need to step it up for LVL 1 – Obedience Training  at Sal Pacific Canine Obedience starting in August. Her brother Luke will be auditing the course with her to show her the ropes.

She and Luke have been waiting all week for a chance to play as Leia healed up. As soon as we gave them the green light they decided to see who was the fastest (Leia!). She is picking up behavioral cues from Luke and adapting very quickly to her new environment and extended pack. So far she has met a 3year old girl, many adults, a horse and a cat. She met every situation head on with her tail wagging and free licks.

She has also been on a few long leash walks – thanks to WAG for training her to leash walk! We are still working developing a positive relationship with car rides, which she is not too fond of. So far she has been to the farm, the beach and the Englishman River. She really really wants to go in the water…”

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