A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Rooster – Adopted December 2021!



Breed: Heeler mix
Gender: Male
Age: 9 months old
Size: Medium

Energy Level: Medium/High
Training Goals: Mocha will need mandatory training sessions booked in with a WAG approved trainer. Gaining confidence with new places, people and things, as well as basic manners
House trained? Yes
Kids? Older children and active supervision and separation will be needed.
Cats? Yes, but active supervision and separation will be needed.
Dogs? Yes, but active supervision and separation will be needed.
Medical Needs: Still awaiting first vet check up, but moving forward finishing up this round of vaccinations, then yearly check ups!

About Me:

Hi, I’m Rooster!

I am new to WAG and have lots to learn! Keep an eye on my profile as I'm sure the staff will get to know my likes and dislikes the more time I spend here!

I am a young guy who is pretty sensitive, I will need a family who is very patient as it may take me a while to adjust to another home. I can be a little timid when meeting new people, but I will warm up, I just need to feel comfortable first.

I hope that my forever family with think of training as a fun thing to do together!

I will thrive in a calm, nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to any signs of anxiety I may show.

I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.
I can't wait to find my forever home.

My Perfect Match
• Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home.
• Loves goofy loveable quirky boys
• Eager to learn more about dog body language so you can understand what I'm communicating to you!
• Will continue with training - I will need a post-adoption training appointment with a WAG approved trainer
• Able to provide a calm, nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to any signs of anxiety I may show.
• Lots of patience!
• Will be strong! I am a strong fella who sometimes focuses a little too much on birds and squirrels
• Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all!
• I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.


Some notes from my foster home!

Overall,  Rooster is shy and sweet, a snuggle bug and feels the most supported close by your side. He needs exercise and longer walks; about ten minutes or so before he will consider using the toilet even in the morning. He has fantastic recall and will heal at your side even if there is a distraction. He is nervous to meet big dogs but will play once you show him it's okay. He is fine at home alone if you go to the shop or to the gym without a crate (didn't leave him any longer so I don't have a better sense). He is not as food motivated as other dogs but will listen and obey for your attention. Zero bathroom accidents in the home and goes to the toilet on a regular schedule. 
I love - snuggles, following you around, smelling everything, long walks at a fast pace (running and jumping if possible), meeting new people, chewing apart toys (but luckily not shoes), and lots of belly rubs and big stretches. 
I have - a sweet heart, a mix of high energy and laziness (I love sleeping at night and the morning but mid day I want to play), I take up the entire bed and you may wake up with me pushing you off. Oh and I have a farting problem and I often crop dust my owners for fun! 
I get along with - all people and new friends on the trails but I am a little nervous with hyper, big dogs at the park. If my owner shows me it's okay, then I am not scared anymore and I jump and play. 
I would rather not - have my feet dried after I come inside nor my body. I HATE the sound of Velcro on my rain jacket and the clip sound on my harness. I do not like to wear winter booties nor my rain jacket. I would rather not take long drive, I get a bit car sick. I do not like the hiccups but I get them because I drink to fast if you give me too much.  
I need - to be close by but I am not needy for your attention. I need longer walks and exercise. I love/need a window with action or a porch (but I get cold so don't leave me out there too long), and loads of toys, loads!

If you're dedicated to providing a safe home using only fear-free, positive reinforcement training methods, please fill out the application below,

My Story:

I had a family that loved me lots! They were so sad to bring me into WAG, but they knew they'd find me my perfect home.

If you can't adopt at this time please consider donating to WAG!