A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise


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This is Rocco, he is a beautiful, sweet, senior boy who needed WAG’s help for an injury he has been living with for months. We have been helping him get the medical care he so badly needs. However, due to the severity and location of the necrotic wound he may not be a candidate for a surgery he needs to survive.

Currently he is a palliative care case, we are working hard behind the scenes trying to make the best decisions for Rocco and help manage his pain. While we don’t always post these types of cases because they are truly hard, heartbreaking and sensitive.

We just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who donates to our Critical Care Fund and to our Foster Homes! Without you we would not be able to try for animals like Rocco.

Rocco has been receiving daily cleaning and bandage changes for his necrotic and infected elbow hygroma. Although he is a long ways away from being able to have surgery to close his wound, we are hopeful the daily cleaning and wound management are progress in the right direction. If things continue to heal, the next step is to do a biopsy to determine if his wound is cancerous. Rocco has a lot of obstacles in his way on his road to recovery but he still has lots of spunk left and is happiest when he is out and about walking and running around.




For this reason, we are trying everything we can to help get this loving boy back to his healthiest self!

So how can you help? Rocco’s top 3 things he needs right now are:


  • A confident medical foster who is located in the Whistler/Pemberton area who is able to assist with daily medical needs and help get Rocco to his weekly check-ups. For information on how to foster, please head to our website https://whistlerwag.com/foster-program/


  • Donations of his medical supplies needed for his daily bandage changes. You can find a list of items we need the most on our Amazon wish list “Rocco Critical Care Needs” via our website




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Rocco is a special boy who deserves a fighting chance. We are all fighting and cheering for him and appreciate everyone’s support so far. He has a long ways to go but we are hopeful

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June 21
July 6th