A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Rocco – adopted February 2014

Rocco was surrendered to WAG after living with the same family for 12 years. This sweet old man was pretty confused when he arrived, but was easily distracted by how much fun he was having!  He loved the attention he recieved by the staff and volunteers, and loved having so many dog friends to play with all day long.  He did have some health issues though, which included being very overweight, joint issues, a limp, and bad teeth.  This did not stop this sweet man from being quickly scooped up by an amazing Forever Family!

“He’s just awesome and has fit in with his new pack and the farm life like he’s always been a part of it Every day is joyful for Rocco. So much to do, things to smell, and a pack to run and play with. We’re pretty sure he loves being a farm dog. Horses are a new entity for him, but he’s getting used to them.  Physically he’s great. He’s lost weight and looks great. Maybe you can see it in these photos. We have him on a regimen of joint supplements and his limp is barely noticable. He runs, jumps, swims and does all the things the young dogs do. He’s a sweet old boy and we all love him very much.”

Thank you for welcoming a senior pet into your hearts and home!

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