A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

River aka Kaia – Adopted March 2016

River and two of her puppies were brought to WAG in February 2016 after being found abandoned. Unfortunately, River had more pups that did not survive before being found. A quiet and lovable girl, she quickly won over the hearts of many, including a WAG volunteer. After a little bit of waiting, she found her forever home at the beginning of March 2016. River, who was renamed Kaia, stayed local and quite close to WAG and decided to send us a little update herself.

Dear WAG:

Thank you for saving me and looking after me earlier this year. And thanks for finding my forever home for me. When I went home with them, they told me my new name would be Kaia – I was ok with this and quickly started responding to it. I have an older sister named Riley; she teaches me a lot. She showed me how to swim, how much fun it is to give kisses, how to stare at humans when they eat, the fun places to sniff when we go on adventures, and how to play fetch. Mom says Riley never used to play much with other dogs, but now she wrestles with me and, if I’m really lucky, will lay close enough on the couch so we’re touching.

Life has been pretty awesome since I came home. I’ve seen and experienced so many new things. I was scared to get in the car the first few times, but Mom and Dad tried hard to teach me it was a good thing and now it’s one of my safe places. I get sooo excited when I get to go in the car because it takes me neat places. We’ve gone on a bunch of ferry rides; we drove through tall mountains to Alberta; we’ve gone camping near Whistler; driven down to the city to see friends; and of course it has taken me to lots of trails, lakes, and parks.

I’ve been trying to give back to WAG by being a foster sister. Since I was adopted, I’ve got to help look after puppies Jane & Lydia, and Copper & Todd, plus Oskar, Jeremy, Basia, and Barnes. I’m sad when they leave me, but happy that I get to stay in my home.

I really love my Mom and Dad. I show them by climbing on top of them when they’re sitting, well.. anywhere. When I first came home Dad said I wasn’t allowed on the bed. But I really persisted and now I get to sleep between Mommy and Daddy! It’s the best. Cuddling is one of my favourite things in the world. I think the only things I love more than cuddling are treats, running through thick snow, and my very favourite thing in the whole wide world… swimming!!! I run and jump in whenever I can. If the humans don’t throw something for me to swim after, then I’ll just splash in circles. People that don’t know me think I’m drowning when I do this, but don’t worry, I’m just having fun!

WAG – thanks so much for allowing me to have this life that I love. I’ll continue to help you by making friends with your other doggies while they wait for their forever homes.

Lots of love, Kaia