A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Reece – Adopted March 2017


Reece was rescued from the dog meat trade in Thailand and flown all the way to Canada to start a new life. She adjusted well to her life here and even enjoy the snow! She was a little tentative of strangers, but once she got to know someone, she would fall in love unconditionally. Reece would get very excited when her people would arrive every day and she would do just about anything for a treat! She loved looking out the window and watching the world go by, as well as supervising meal time in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to do was to curl up at the end of her foster parent's bed and snooze away in comfort. The staff of Wag loved watching this special girl come out of her shell and learn how to live a new life.  Her foster parents fell madly in love with her and wanted to give her the best life possible.  Reece now lives in Vancouver and has her very own Instagram account.  We love seeing all of her photos and getting updates from this special girl's family!

"It's almost been one year since Reece was adopted, and she has made so much progress and is slowly coming out of her shell! When we first adopted her, she would react to other dogs by lunging and barking at them, making walks stressful for both her and us. We sought out help from Reneé at Bravo Dog and with her training plan, Reece learned to respond to a "look" cue so quickly. Within days, Reece started having more enjoyable walks, and now we are able to walk in high dog traffic areas with little to no reactions. Reece has even started sniffing at dogs she is passing while in the forest!
 Reece's favourite things to do are: lie in the sun in the middle of an alley during a walk, sleep on the couch, and give puppy eyes to guests to ask for food. She also enjoys hide and seek, car rides, and sniffing heather plants. 
This past fall, Reece went on two big adventures! She road tripped to Jasper and Banff where she got to hike at Lake Louise, and camp under the stars! She also headed south to Portland and lived in a house with another dog for a few days. It was a big deal!
Reece is a princess who loves her blankets and beds. She is loyal and loving to all of those who take care of her, and will squeak and squeal with joy when she sees the humans she cares about. She is slow to warm, but once you're in, you're in for life."