A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Poncho – Adopted January 2017


Poncho was surrendered to WAG with his friend Kye. They were both born in Mexico and started their lives on the streets. A kind man rescued them both and brought them back to Canada hoping to find them loving homes. Poncho started his time in Canada with the kind man until he asked WAG to help find a loving home.

Poncho immediately stole the hearts of the staff at WAG with his smile! He would always get so excited to see you that he would grin and show his teeth while doing his happy dance. He was always an affectionate boy and loved getting cuddles and scratches from people. We are so happy he found a great home to take him on adventures!


It’s been a year since Poncho picked me to be his person, and his quirky personality is still evolving! I did a DNA test out of curiosity, and it came back 30% Italian Greyhound, 30% border collie, and 30% split between Lab and bloodhound. After doing some research, I can definitely see the characteristics of all those dogs!

P loves his snuggles and he still smiles when he’s happy and high fives when he’s really excited about something. He’s gotten into the habit of sleeping under the covers in bed with me, and comes with me to the horse barn several days a week where he is allowed to run loose in the arena and get what we call his ‘greyhound’ on!

We are still working on some dog reactivity and will probably never be able to visit a dog park, but Poncho really enjoys his long walks and summer hikes. He also has a few select doggie pals that he plays with.

Our living  situation changed shortly after Poncho arrived, but I found a great new home with a backyard that opens onto a walking path, just for him! He joined me to several horse shows this past year, helped train for a half marathon in the summer and loved going out on the boat with his grandparents. Our plan for the next year is to keep working on being polite around other dogs and maybe starting some nose work classes so that Poncho’s sniffer can be channeled into something productive! It’s amazing that Poncho has only been with me for a year, I can’t imagine life without him!

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