A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Peanut AKA Ember – Adopted July 2014

“Dear Wag

Today is the 15th of July 2015.  It is exactly one year ago today that I came to this place I now call home and thought you might like a little update.

I’ve got to admit – for the first little while it was a real struggle for me, having to learn a whole new social paradigm and all.  I was so used to fending for myself and being my own man I wasn’t really sure I liked having someone looking over my shoulder all the time, telling me what I could and couldn’t do.  I’ve ALWAYS been the alpha and didn’t want to let ANYBODY take that from me.  One night I even decided to run away and snuck out through the (6.5” square) cat door.  How was I to know she would haul her tired whatzit out of bed in the middle of the night and come looking for me.   I mean really!!!!!  Who does that????  My mom I guess – kinda surprised me actually – nobody ever did that for me before.   She did find me about a mile away from home and had some liver treats with her so I came back.

Other than that – I was on the hook for a long time when we went out for walkies.  It took about 3 months of learning how to meet and greeting ALL doggies, no matter what they looked or smelled like, in a socially acceptable manner before she trusted me enough to let me walk on my own.

She was really hard on me – didn’t let me get away with ANYTHING!!  It took me a while to figure out that the more I learned the less she controlled.

It really was tough love, but yano, there was a lot of fun love too, and treats love and my very very FAVORITE, snuggly love.

Today I am a very different guy.   I have learned SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!  I Know that kitty cats are NOT a blood sport, I know how to chase sticks and balls, I know how to ride in the car, I know how to snuggle (and that is the BEST lesson I ever learned) and I know how to be a nice guy on the trail.  If another doggie comes along who is aggressive or intrusive I don’t get mad but stay calm and stand there. I know if it gets to be a problem my mom will step in and deal with it – I don’t have to be a tough guy any more and I LIKE that.  My mom says I’m a softie through and through and had to be tough just to survive but that part of my life is over and done with.   I can now be the marshmallow I was always meant to be.

I Love going to the lake every day, I love going in the car with mom, I love being inside, warm and cozy, on a cold and nasty winter night, I love EVERYBODY I meet and they all tell my mom what a nice boy I am and I ESPECIALLY love snuggling up with my mom.

These days my mom tells me ALL THE TIME what a good boy I am, how handsome I am, how proud she is of me and best of all – how much she loves me.

When I first came here I had NO IDEA how GOOD life could be.

Thank you Wag.

Love from Ember (aka peanut)”

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