A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise


Name: Vanessa aka Ness, Nessy, or Nessa
Breed: Bull Terrier X
Gender: Female, spayed
Age: 3 years
Size: Medium

Energy Level: High
Training Goals: Learning to share and overcoming body handling issues
House trained? Yes
Kids? 19+
Cats? No
Dogs? Sometimes
Medical Needs: Anxiety medication

What makes me special? I am a true athlete and intelligent girl. My favourite things in the world are games of fetch, swimming, playing in the snow, long walks, and running alongside my foster dad’s mountain bike. I could do all of these activities for hours – to the point I’m shaking from being in the lake for so long, but I just don’t want to stop. Having said this, I love to jump on the couch and relax or lay on a bed in the sun. I get extremely excited when I see my people. I’ve been a bit of a work-in-progress, but with my dedicated training program I’m showing improvements.

My Perfect Family: I’m looking for a stable home that will give me the support that I need to overcome issues I gained from mistreatment as a pup. I’ll need someone with dog experience, or a strong desire to learn about dog behaviour and body language. I need someone that will go at my own pace, continue with my training program, show me love, praise, encouragement and patience. A home that doesn’t have busy surroundings would be ideal and people that want to have fun exercising with me!


If you are interested in adopting Vanessa, click HERE to fill out an application.


This beautiful girl is WAG’s latest rehabilitation case. We are working with a specialised training plan made specifically for her. Vanessa currently has resource guarding and body handling issues. She is quite submissive and can be anxious, however she is an excellent communicator with her body language and will let you know when she is feeling uncomfortable.

It is heart breaking all the things this girl has gone through in her two years. No one has understood or listened to her when she tries to communicate how she is feeling. She is looking for a very special home that wants to save her life. WAG is Nessy’s last hope of survival.

My Story:

My first 2 years of life have been very unstable and scary.  I started on the streets of California and was then taken to a high kill shelter in the states. I was adopted, then sold on Craigslist and now have been surrendered to WAG. No one has truly understood me and due to this I have developed some behavioural issues. 

Despite my fears, I am a sweet, active and funny girl. I LOVE a game of fetch, playing in puddles and tug ‘o’ war. I am an athlete and very smart. My issues are manageable with the right training resources and knowledge.