A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Nelly – Adopted February 2016

Nelly, now Kona, was recently adopted by an amazing couple who wanted to rescue and help an animal in need. They came to WAG numerous times to slowly gain Nelly’s trust and allow her to get to know them. They understood that they had to go slow with her and for the first few visits wouldn’t be able to touch her. This didn’t deter them and we are so thankful they came along and changed Nelly’s life.

Nelly was found as a stray and was undoubtedly abused and neglected as she had a great fear of strangers. She would continuously bark and cower, with her tail tucked right up to her stomach. Now in her new home, she is gaining more confidence everyday! She can meet new people and dogs without barking. She is happy, outgoing and her new parents are absolutely smitten.

Thank you so much Chris and Helen for giving this funny girl a second chance at life. She just needed someone to understand her and take things at her own pace. Thank you for putting in the time to get to know her and seek the Positive Reinforcement training she needed . We are so happy for you all and can’t wait to hear about all your adventures together.