A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Name Our Kittens!

BORN JULY 5, 2020

When Jade was surrendered to WAG, she was keeping a little secret! FOUR little secrets actually 😛

They were born at WAG on July 5, 2020, and now we need your help choosing names <3

For every name entry, your $10 will be donated DIRECTLY to the care of these new babies, including vaccinations, deworming, spays and neuters, and ANYTHING else that they need before they are adopted into loving homes at a minimum of 8 weeks old - PLEASE NOTE - WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ADOPTION APPLICATIONS FOR THESE GUYS YET!

Include your CHOSEN NAME and for WHICH KITTEN in the 'YOUR MESSAGE' section of the donation form and we will enter it in the draw!

You can enter the same name multiple times, or different names - your choice! Just $10 per entry and then JADE WILL PICK THE WINNING NAMES ON JULY 22nd!

She will draw four times, one for each kitten so make sure to tell us which kitten you are entering for!

$40 gets you an entry for ALL FOUR KITTENS!


Well, besides the honor of naming these precious little monsters, you will also get a PRINTED PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR KITTEN, SIGNED WITH THEIR NEW NAME, AND THEIR TINY PAW PRINT!


We do not know what sexes they are yet, but there are four different colors:

Tiger Stripped Tabby

Orange tabby; The first one born!

Dilute Calico; The Runt and second one born

Calico; Mom's mini-twin!