A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Morticia – Adopted October, 2017

Morticia was found as a stray in parking lot 5 in Whistler. It was suspected that she was owned by someone that was living in their van, however no one claimed her. Morticia did not stay at WAG for long until her moms (WAG volunteers) fell in love! She has since moved out to Ontario.
Just wanted to give you guys some updates on Morticia! We think she's settling in ok. Getting better every day. The other day she actually kneaded on a pillow on the floor next to our bed. She's never done that before! So we're taking it as her getting comfortable. Obviously she stopped kneading as soon as we looked at her but we heard it! She's the funniest cat ever and we're so happy with her. She still doesn't like to cuddle but at least she letting us pick her up for a couple of seconds without trying to bite us haha.
On our trip out east to Ontario she was a dream! She was sleeping pretty much the whole time or eating. (The only time she sits on our lap is when we're in the car and driving!) She was even our hero once! We accidentally locked both keys in the car and she was in there and stepped onto the unlock button after we got some grass and held it on the window! Thank god that she's so into playing!!