A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Misha – Adopted June 2017

Misha was surrendered to WAG in April 2017. At the time she was brought to us, she had been physically abused, starved, and had a hole in her tail to the point where staff could see the bone. Despite this past, Misha was very quick to trust staff and would instantly plop into their laps for cuddles and belly rubs. We're pretty sure the endless supply of food and treats we were giving her helped win her over! It was difficult to get the hole in Misha's tail to heal because she was constantly wagging it - causing the bandage to fly off and the tag to hit corners, walls, door frames, opening up the wound. But with time and patience we were able to heal her tail with no long term issues.

Misha had a few blood tests done while in WAG's care and it was discovered that she was in very early stages of kidney disease. It was upsetting that a dog that had been through so much already, had something else to set her back in life.

Misha won the hearts of the staff, her amazing foster home, and the community of Whistler. No one wanted to see her leave but everyone wanted her to find the most amazing permanent home. Luckily, a loving family from Vancouver Island made the trip to Whistler a couple times so they could begin to form a bond with Misha. They fell in love with her and knowing all her history and what would come in the future, they whole heartedly wanted to bring her into their lives forever.


Misha has settled well in her new home. We brought Misha home in June of 2017 and have since learned what an amazing animal she is. She has finally settled in and it feels if like she's always been a part of the family. She is playful, energetic and most of all full of love which she shows us with cuddles and super wet sloppy kisses. Misha absolutely loves playing catch more than anything and has a bit of a treat problem. She has learned many new tricks and loves performing, for a price, hence the treat problem haha.

Although Misha still has some reactive behavior around other dogs, her trust in people has improved immensely and she especially loves children.

Misha's hobbies include exploring the vast trails of Vancouver Island, barking at the mail man and sneaking on to the couch when no one is looking.

All in all Misha has proven that she has a heart of gold and we are proud to say she has found her fur-ever home.