A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Mindy – Adopted November, 2017

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Mindy's happy tail is truly an amazing one! Mindy was a stray cat known around Function Junction in Whistler. Many of the local business owners helped to look after her. In October 2016, one of the locals suspected she was pregnant, and with the help of a WAG employee, they were able to safely transport her to WAG right after she gave birth to 3 kittens. Mindy was feral, and very scared of humans. No one was able to touch her or get too close to her. Her kittens were all adopted quite quickly and she was left living at WAG for quite some time. Mindy started warming up to WAG staff and volunteers, she came out of hiding and would sit on the couch or climb the cat trees. She would also sit at the window of the cattery and watch you when you mopped at night!

Sadly, Mindy had been at WAG almost a year with no one wanting to adopt her, but in September 2017 an amazing lady offered to foster her! Mindy did well in the home, but it still took her some time to warm up. Her foster mom was so patient with her, and just let her take her time. It was her first time living in a warm home with a family!

About two months into fostering, a window was accidentally left open at the home and Mindy escaped! After a few days of setting a live trap with lots of tuna, Mindy was caught and returned home. Mindy's foster mom was so excited and happy to have Mindy back, she realized how much love she had for this kitty and asked if she could be Mindy's forever home! Mindy is such a lucky cat to have found a home willing to be so patient with her as she grows. We couldn't be happier for the two of them and love to hear her updates!

 She is such a sweet girl and I am so grateful to have adopted her. She has really come out of her shell and meows when I come home and when she thinks it's breakfast time. She has a quirky, goofy personality and it's a treat to be a part of her journey. She has her spots that she has made her own and loves laying on my bed when I'm at work.

She's out and about with me all the time when I'm at home and she loves playing with her toys. She typically has a super frisky time at about 3am which even though she runs around like a crazy cat at that time I never discourage. A really big thank you to you though for allowing me to have her as part of my life, she's a really big bright spot.