A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Milo – Adopted January 2023!



Breed: Ginger Tabby 
Gender: Male 
Age: Around 1.5 years old  
Size: Large


Energy Level: Medium, once I'm feeling better I will be more playful again
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? Older, looking for a calm stress free household
Cats? Possibly, if calm
Dogs? Possibly, if calm
Medical Needs: Regular vet checkups, monitoring for any issues in the future,  specialist urinary cat food if recommended by vets long term 

About Me:

I am the newest Critical Care Case in WAG's care, one of many animals that have come through our doors in need of emergency care this year. This fund is 100% supported by community donors to help injured and sick animals, ranging from simple treatments of antibiotics to major surgeries, procedures, and long-term medical rehabilitation.


 Hi, I'm Milo!

A couple of weeks ago I was rushed to Coast Vets in Whistler after becoming very unwell and had to undergo various diagnostics and lots of testing to find out the cause of my symptoms. CMVS cared for me initially until I was able to be transferred to Eagleview Vet in Squamish to be treated further. It was touch and go whether I would need surgery or not, as I was so dehydrated and was unable to eat, drink or urinate without medical assisstance. However age was on my side and I was keen to heal. Slowly but surely I showed everyone that I was strong enough to get through this. A urinary blockage was suspected initially and surgery still seemed likely, however due to the amazing care from Coast and Eagleview, and prompt action from his previous carers -this was avoided. Milo was found to have a severe infection with high levels of mucus build up in his bladder and urinary tract. Lots of IV's, meds, monitoring, love and professional care later, I was given the OK to be released from the wonderful Dr. Armstrong's care.

Luckily I have not spent one night at WAG, and have been transferred straight into a loving foster home where I will continue to be nursed back to health and monitored each day. At my recent checkup, my tests showed I am improving and I was given the go ahead to be neutered!

I am such a sweet and snuggly boy, I was constantly purring in the clinics even though I was in pain. All I wanted was to be cuddled and pet all day long. I have stolen the hearts of everyone I have met so far, and rightly so! Will I steal yours too and make your family complete?

Milo will need his forever home to be calm and low stress. They will need to keep a close eye on him and his health in the future, as cats with urinary issues can be more prone to possible reoccurrences. He may also need to be on a special diet ongoing to assist with his urinary health which will be a cost to consider. Proactive care is key - by monitoring for any changes in his litter box habits and behaviour and taking Milo to the vet at any sign of trouble.

Please keep an eye on my profile for updates as I continue my healing journey and quest to find a forever home! If we sound like a match made it heaven, please fill out the application form further down on this page.

My Purrrfect Match:

• Will be ready for a long term commitment
• Will keep a close eye on my toilet habits
• Will keep my health in mind and take me into the vet for regular checkups and be able to pay for my special diet if recommended by his vetz
• Will give me time to adjust to my new surroundings
• Will set me up for success if I am expected to move into a home with new animals or young kids
• Will keep me safe and happy, forever

My Story:

I was surrendered to WAG after needing to be hospitalised for a week for a medical emergency. My owners loved me very much and knew that WAG would give me the best chance at getting the emergency I needed when I was extremely unwell.

If you can't adopt me, please consider donating to my medical care costs via WAG's Critical Care Campaign.