A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

MacKenzie – Adopted January 2021!



Breed: Suspected Husky/Shepherd/Pit bull mixes
Gender: Female
Age: Born on November 7th 2020
Size: Suspected to be a medium/large


Energy Level: Puppy energy, big bursts of energy and lots of naps!
Training Goals: Mandatory training session post-adoption or puppy classes!
House trained? Working on it! 
Kids? With proper socialization and supervision!
Cats?  With proper socialization and supervision!
Dogs?  With proper socialization and supervision!
Medical Needs: Basic veterinary care, finishing their vaccination boosters, yearly appointments.

About Me:


Hi, I'm MacKenzie!

My littermates and I have been in WAG’s care since we were just days old!

I am a young girl who will need their family to be proactive and understand that these next few weeks are the most important in my life. Early socialization is where I learn about the big wide human world that we have to live in. There is going to be so many new things I have yet to experience. I need a home that will look at my body language and understand when I may be fearful of something new.

A family that is patient and loving is what I would like the most, I am just a baby after all. I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.
I can't wait to find my forever home.


My Perfect Match

  • Able to provide a calm, nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to any signs of fearfullness I may show.
  • Is ready for the 10+ year commitment
  • Loves goofy loveable quirky girls
  • Will continue with basic training - I will need a post-adoption training appointment or Puppy classes with a WAG approved trainer
  • Lots of patience!
  • We use food as a motivator!
  • Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all!
  • I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.

My Story:

My littermates and I were an unexpected litter. WAG staff picked us up and tried their hardest to save our sister Cheakamus, but unfortunately, she passed away. The next few days we were cared for 24/7 in a foster home. Our mom was a young mom and this was her first litter, once she saw we were in a safe environment she stopped caring for us. Our foster mom's bottle-fed us every few hours, stimulated us to go to the bathroom and kept us warm while showing us love. WAG cared for us for 7 weeks, waiting for us to grow into healthy puppies ready for their foster home. 


If you can't adopt at this time, please consider donating to WAG so they can continue to care for litters like ours.