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How to Adopt



  • Are you prepared for a lifetime commitment to this animal?
  • Do you have any other pets at home? How might they react?
  • Do you currently have children? Are you planning on having any in the future?
  • What will happen to your pet if you move? Who will look after them when you go on vacation?
  • Who will take the pet if your current relationship changes or if something happens to you?
  • What are your plans for training?
  • Have you done any breed research?
  • What pet-personality is the best fit for your lifestyle?
  • How will you afford vet care? Have you considered pet insurance?


For all adoption inquries please speak with one of our staff members during opening hours, or feel free to contact us via email or phone. This will ensure you receive a customized and personalized adoption experience with our qualified and professional staff, that focuses on you!
We welcome adopters from out of town!
Please contact us for more information.

When you decide to adopt, our commitment is to find the animal that best matches your personality, lifestyle, and experience through our unique Matchmaker Program.

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We want your adoption to succeed, not just for a day, but for a lifetime! We know that every animal and every home is unique, so we created the Matchmaker Program. Thanks to this thorough approach, we have an excellent success rate in placing animals with their Forever Homes. 


See the animals available for adoption! The best place is on our website, or you can stop by the shelter, open from 1pm to 4pm Wednesday through Sunday. Please note: it can get very busy during these times and staff may not always be available for detailed adoption meetings. If you would like to discuss adoption in detail, or you would like to meet a particular animal, please fill out a questionnaire or contact our Adoptions Coordinator, so we can focus completely on you!


Let us know what you are looking for! If you need help with this step, please stop by the shelter during our open hours with your general questions. Or email us at [email protected]


Complete an Adoption-Best Match Questionnaire, making sure to take the time to answer all questions in as much detail as possible. This will help us determine the best animal to match with your lifestyle. Submit your questionnaire via fax, email, or drop it off at the shelter during open hours (wed-sun 1pm to 4pm)pdf_large

Step 4

Please be patient! Reviewing your questionnaire may take up to several days, but once completed, we will contact you right away and discuss the suitability of the match.


When we find your perfect match, we will book a Pre-Adoption Counseling Session. This is a customized session designed to set you up for success! We will provide information to help ensure the smoothest transition possible for your new family member from shelter to home.


After you bring home your new pet, refer to these helpful guides:pdf_large


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