A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Hooters – adopted October 2013

Hooters was a former sled dog, who quickly got used to life at WAG!  She quickly showed herself to be a very cuddly girl who loved nothing more than to be in your arms!  And the bigger, softer, and fluffier the bed, the more she loved it! She is now loving life with her new mom:

“Hooters is still the princess she always was, she has a bed in every room in the house (she doesn’t like to lay on the floor, what princess does?) She is always happy- inside, outside, in the car you name it she is happy! She has become quite the fan of human food, she will snatch the food right out of your hand if you are not paying attention! She is as vocal as ever and Hoots very loudly everyday when we get home from work 🙂 She is wonderful!”

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