A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Hermes – Adopted October 2021!



Breed: Domestic Shorthair 
Gender: Female 
Age: Born in August 2021 
Size: Small but growing 

Energy Level: Kitten energy! Big bursts of play with long periods of naps! 
Litter trained? Working on it! 
Kids? With proper Socialization, Supervision & Separation! 
Cats? With proper Socialization, Supervision & Separation! 
Dogs? With proper Socialization, Supervision & Separation! 
Medical Needs: Moving forward finishing the first round of vaccinations as well as yearly check ups! 

About Me:

Hi, I’m Hermes! 

My siblings, mom and I are still together, I love being able to play with my littermates, but am excited to find my new family. 

I love exploring new places and things! I am an adventurous young kitten looking for a family to help me learn and grow. 

I get along with my family and am very curious about older cats, but would want to make sure they won't beat me up before I try to play! I need attention, love, affection, and lots of playtime! 

I have had limited time with dogs, lots of small introductions, treats and supervision to make sure I am safe! 

I haven't had much time with small humans, I am small myself, so I'm sure we'll get along, as long as they are gentle, and can read my body language and respect when I want to be alone. 

I can still be quite timid and would do well getting adopted with one of my littermates or mom, could you give us a home together? 

My Purrrfect Match 

  • be ready for a 15+ year commitment! 
  • remember I am a baby! I need lots of love, encouragement, patience and gentle learning. 
  • provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio etc. 
  • keep my health in mind and take me into the vet for yearly checkups. 
  • understand that I am still developing and my personality may change over time! 
  • will keep me safe and happy, forever. 

My Story:

We were an unexpected litter & our previous family loved us, but could no longer care for us. They wanted to make sure that we would find great homes so they brought us to WAG. I can’t wait to find my forever family! 

If you can't adopt at this time, consider donating to WAG for our care!