A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Henry – Adopted February 2015

Henry was found in terrible condition. He had been mauled by other dogs which left multiple puncture wounds all over his body, including his chest, groin, and neck, with the worst one being on his abdomen, leaving two feet of small intestine exposed and contaminated with gravel and debris. The puncture on his neck exposed his jugular vein, but thankfully did not cut it. He had massive swelling and bruising to all his injuries.

He was found alone, cold, and in shock, and no one knew how long he had been like this, nor if he would survive.
After weeks of rehabilitation Henry made a miraculous recovery.
It is a miracle that this little man survived his ordeal, and WAG cannot thank Dr. Laura and the Pemberton Vet Clinic enough for her diligent and loving care of this very special soul. A Special thanks as well to everyone who donated towards his critical care. Henry has now been adopted into an extremely loving home where he is fitting in perfectly!

UPDATE #1: “Henry continues to improve day by day! We have fallen absolutely in love with him and he seems to be making himself perfectly at home . He loves playing fetch and going for runs with his mommy! We recently signed him up for dog classes. Our favorite part is cuddling with him at night while we have quiet time and read. Oh and he loves nature walks…especially when he sees squirrels..”

UPDATE #2 (July 25th, 2015): His beautiful ma & pa, Dayna & Russell, came by the shelter today to let us know how he’s doing a make an absolutely wonderful donation! We’re so thankful that Henry has found a family with you. You blew us away with how thoughtful Henry’s picks from our wishlist were. Henry is their little baby and is doing so very well!

IMG_1506 IMG_1510 IMG_1517Henry