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Help for Hero…


Hero is only ONE year old. He had not been feeling well for a few days and had stopped eating when he was surrendered to WAG.

WAG agreed to take him in, and he was seen at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital and Eagleview Veterinary Hospital. He had a painful abdomen and his blood work showed severely elevated liver values with non-regenerative anemia. He is in theend stages of liver failure and it is most likely due to ingesting something extremely poisonous over a week ago.

He is in critical condition. 

Hero is such a sweet and happy boy, whose appetite was almost completely gone, except for roasted chicken, so after careful thought, WAG staff and Dr. Armstrong agreed that despite his condition and it being a (very) long shot, we just had to try treatment! He was brought back to Eagleview Veterinary Clinic and was hospitalized.

He will be receiving around the clock IV fluids, IV Antibiotics, and tons of TLC. Now we need YOUR help to help Hero!

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