A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Gizmo – Adopted April 2022!


Gizmo will need to have one leg amputated, and then be on strict rest to heal her shattered pelvis.

WAG is now fundraising for an amputation surgery, medication, hospitalization, aftercare, and everything else that Gizmo will need.

Gizmo is currently unable or unwilling to urinate on her own, which is still a concern, however, we are hopeful that as she heals, this will resolve.

Gizmo deserves this chance and you can help gift it to her by donating to WAG's Critical Care Fund by clicking the button below!

Thank you to the incredible team at Mountain Side Animal Hospital and Eagleview Veterinary Hospital for all their love and care for sweet little Gizmo.

WAG was called late Thursday night about a dog who desperately needed our help.

She was found on her doorstep crying, bloody, and unable to walk, and no one saw what happened...
From the extent of her injuries and road rash, it is suspected she was hit by a car.

Her radiographs show that she has a shattered femur and pelvis.

Due to the extent of her injuries, she now needs major and immediate medical intervention...




Thank you for considering donating to our Critical Care Fund.

This fund allows us to say “yes!” to these animals when they need us the most.

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