A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Gandalf and Monty – Adopted November 2014

Gandalf and Monty were both born here in the shelter just days after their mother was surrendered to us at WAG.
They were immediately placed in a foster home where they were loved and socialized until they were ready to be adopted. In November of 2014 these little guys were lucky enough to be adopted TOGETHER. They now get to spend the rest of their lives together in an extremely loving home and never leave each other’s sides!

“These little guys are the sweetest, most loving and lovely kittens. Thank you for trusting us with them.

They love to pile on top of each other on my bed. They are truly a delight—social, playful, litter-trained, and so bonded with each other (and quickly bonding with us.)  Gandalf tries to groom him but then they end up tussling for fun. They are now totally bonded with our dog. She licks Gandalf a lot, so that his fur is always a little crunchy with dog spit. 🙂

Thanks again to the family who fostered them. They have obviously never known anything but love and affection, so our job in making them happy here has not been difficult.”
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