A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Fezzik – Adopted July 2022!



Breed: Domestic Short hair
Gender: Female
Age: 3 1/2 years old
Size: Small

Energy Level: Low
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? No thank you! Fezzik is looking for a calm family that is not very social to join
Cats?  Nope! 
Dogs? Definitely no thank you! 
Medical Needs: Moving forward yearly check ins.

About Me:

Hi I'm Fezzik!

I am a sweet and sassy type of gal that likes to be the boss of the house.

I need a home with no other animals, as well as a home that is okay with not getting any new animals once I am in it.

I'm also looking for a home that isn't a social hub. I can feel very uncertain when meeting new people, and I prefer to have not too many new friends.

I spend lots of my day napping on the high perch of my tower. I LOVE feeding time, truly my favorite time of the day
is breakfast then my next favorite time is dinner.

I like head and chin scratches and a nice lap to sit on, please don't touch my belly though.

I can be a gentle, but sometimes I'm a little cheeky and like to be a little rough. This is usually during play and was probably reinforced when I was younger by having humans play with their hands as toys. I will need time, patience and kindness while I learn that being rough during play is not okay.

The love, warmth, food, water, and cozy beds they have given me make me feel happy and I am becoming much braver.
There’s been a lot of changes in my life recently and I would very much like to be adopted by people who understand
that time and patience, combined with love and respect is very important for me.


Fezzik has been doing great in her foster home, here's a little update!

To start, Fezzik is:
Well behaved
Loves to be included in everything
Loves going outside just to watch world go by (and chipmunks and birds!)
Good when it's time to go home, although needs to be picked up
Has never scratched or hissed at me
Loves meal times
Prefers wet food to dry food. Likes pates vs shredded fish etc

Day in the life:

* Wakes up from under my duvet when I wake up - she loves to snuggle(although comes and goes during the night)
* breakfast time - yum yum
* keeps me company as I do errands
* open my balcony/terrace where she sits on banister
* if I have time in morning, I show her a collar/harness and she races towards me and stands still while I fumble around putting it on.
* she decides where to go! Usually it's just to a step where she sits and watches
* if someone comes or appears out of the blue she runs away fast - but lead stops her. She is very trusting now she knows me and is so grateful to be given the freedom of going outside and I honestly feel that should she get loose there would be no problem catching her.
* She is never that thrilled about going home time - but once inside she charges around happy as a puss in boots.
* She comes when I call her name
* she loves sitting on the window sill
She will make the most wonderful loving companion and give so much joy to whoever is the lucky one to adopt her.


My Purrrfect Match

- Provide me with as many beds/napping spots I may wish for in my forever home – preferably with a view and some sun!
- Understand that I may need a little bit of time to settle into my new surroundings
- Provide me with endless hours of play or cuddles, whichever I prefer!
- Give me space when I've had enough cuddles and play
- Is ready for the 10+ year commitment
- Enjoys the company of sassy girls
- Keep me safe, enriched and healthy
- Continue to monitor my health throughout my life

-Give me lots of time to feel comfortable with you and my surroundings.
-Someone who understands that I might not want to cuddle or be touched all the time.

- Give me a safe home forever and ever

My Story:

I had a loving family, a owner that loved me dearly, but knew I needed more. My mom wanted to make sure that I'd be given the best care, she made the tough decision to surrender me to WAG to ensure that I'd find a home that will spoil me and love me forever.

If you can't adopt at this time, please consider donating towards my care while at WAG.