A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Our Earth Day Scavenger Hunt was out of this world!

What a fantastically fun event! The rain held off and allowed our supporters to complete their tasks, photo ops, and trivia questions…
Thank you to our amazing teams!
1) The Pooper Scoopers: Cathy, Roger, Sonia, and Debbie
2) The Tree Huggers: Kai, Hana, Sonya, Ciara, Jacqueline, and Peter
3) Fluff Bunny: Hailey and Macoy
4) The Cowgirls and the Wolf (AKA Dances with Wolves): Chloe, Jeanette, Elizabeth, and Eduardo
They won some dough to spend at Milestones, The Keg, Rimrock Cafe, Pasta Lupino, The Brewhouse, Yuk Yuk’s comedy show and more…
Thank you to everyone who participated!