A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Disney Family

"Hello, our names are Mrs. Potts, Chip, Beast, Belle, Gaston, and Plumette!

Our Story:

"Our family was surrendered to WAG at one of the Mount Currie Wellness Clinics that WAG operates, providing low-cost vet care to low-income families.
Our story is tragic as there used to be 9 puppies, but 4 died. We are thankful that the rest of us were brought to WAG in time to save our lives. WAG staff were very worried we might have Parvo Virus, but so far the tests have come back negative and we are getting stronger and healthier every day.  We were all severely dehydrated and malnourished when we arrived, but have done so well in the last 48 hours, that our futures look very bright!
Mrs. Potts is our momma but she is still a baby herself at only 1.5 years old. 

Where your donation will go:

Parvo Virus testing
Vaccines & Deworming
Spay and Neuter Surgeries
Extra care and multiple feedings