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Dill & Cayenne AKA Taz & Sam – Adopted August, 2016

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Dill and Cayenne, now Taz and Sam, were 2 of the 5 "Spice Kittens" that were surrendered with their mom, Sage, in July 2016. This sweet brother and sister have settled in quite nicely to their home. They love playing and cuddling! The kittens' parents have also noticed that Taz has taught himself to use the toilet! We couldn't be happier that these two get to grow up together!

My spouse and I are enjoying the 2 kittens we adopted August 26, 2016.  They are now called Taz (short for Tasmanian devil - the male) and Sam (short for Samantha - the female).

I did not train Taz to use the toilet - he just started doing this on his own, so his mother must have taught him this. It's hilarious. He paddles around in the water with his front feet, then assumes the position and does what he needs to do.
...I do have to check the toilets before company comes to visit.