A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Cynthia – Adopted September 2015




Cynthia was surrendered to WAG heavily pregnant, WAG is fortunate to have an amazing roster of foster homes, and one was willing to let Cynthia have her babies in a safe stress free home. Cynthia’s babies came back to the shelter and it wasn’t long until they were snatched up! Cynthia’s foster family kept her for a while after, but went on vacation this past month. For the time she came back to the shelter, she was not very pleased to be back and was missing her foster family. They missed her as well and when they came back from vacation they adopted her! Erna and Jay are two very special volunteers, willing to help out with all of our animals, whenever they can. We are so happy that you have taken Cynthia into your family with open arms, this girl deserves to be spoiled as much as her babies! 7 P1020197 P1020202 P1030069 P1030108