A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Coco & Mocha – Adopted February 2016

The bros are all settling in; everyone is doing great!
After slow individual introductions with their long lost brother Turbo, they are all getting on great. Turbo & Mocha got on right away. Tails wagging & engaging in play. Coco was more defensive/protective, but after an immediate brisk walk, Coco let his guard down & they have been okay. A few warning growls from Coco every now & then, but they are becoming fewer & far between as the days go on.
They can all comfortably engage in play, share spaces like the couch, lap or bed & are walking together fantastically. All 3 like to ‘clump’ together. They love being “Neighbourhood Block Watch” together at the window. Also after a slow introduction to the baby, they are all being calm & gentle boys around her. We are teaching Gabriella to give all 3 dogs their space (not to disturb them if they are sleeping/resting/eating etc) but encouraging gentle play & petting when they approach her. When she wakes up and they hear her voice, their tails start wagging, very cute! 🙂
Mocha & Coco are still quite frightful of bigger breed dogs, and get quite barky at approaching walkers & dogs, but we’ve also had some major successes!! They concentrated on our praises & ignored a large group with a dog on the trail!!! So proud of them all (yes all, Turbo is gladly joining in the barking party). We are starting some clicker training Wednesday to see if that helps the boys get out of “the zone” they get into while barking. Going to also start some individual walking today in the same environments to work on our ‘barking manners’.
Our cat has started venturing upstairs again as of this morning! And each day, they are getting better around her by not barking & chasing her back downstairs. All in all, everyone is doing great! We are celebrating the small successes, determined to work on the defensive/protective barking & loving having the bros all here!!