A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Cera AKA Lucy – Adopted December, 2017

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Cera and her babies were abandoned in the woods.  A concerned citizen saw the little family and knew that he needed to help them.  Wag was contacted and a staff members organized a group of volunteers to try and help this mom and her babies.  After three long nights of dedication, Cera and her babies were on their way to WAG.  During their vet visit, it was discovered that not only was Cera still nursing her babies, but that she was currently pregnant.  This sweet girl was an amazing mama that needed a little more TLC so a foster home was contacted to take her in.  The foster home was able to keep her warm, with a belly full of food (and kittens) and give her the medical attention, as well as all of the affection, that Cera needed and deserved.  She gave birth to healthy kittens on October 18, 2017.  They stayed together in the foster home until they were all ready to find their forever homes.  Cera was the first to be adopted and is currently living her best life! Cera is healthy, happy and loved to the moon and back.   Her new family is taking care of her emotional and medical needs as having litter after litter takes a toll on the mind and body!  


"Lucy is settling in really well. A happy, sweet, easy going little lady, she is a lovely addition to our family. Our children adore her, and are enjoying getting to know her, and watching her gain confidence in her new home. After spending so much of her life as a mother, we are enjoying mothering her, and spoiling her with cuddles!"

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