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WAG has TWENTY-THREE cats in our care!
TEN of them are under 4 WEEKS OLD (needing bottle/syringe feeding every 4-5 hours!)

All will be or have already received urgent medical care, diagnostics, medication, vaccines, parasite control, & spay/neuter surgeries...We need your help to cover these costs and allow us to continue to take in homeless animals and find them forever homes.

You can support our cats and kittens AND have fun doing it with our NAME OUR KITTENS Fundraiser!

For only a minimum of a $25 donation, you can enter SIX names and name the most recent litter of 4-week old kittens who were surrendered to WAG when their mom did not return home 🙁

At the end of the fundraiser, each group of names will be entered into a draw and chosen randomly by our staff.


TO ENTER: Make a minimum donation of $25 via THIS WEBSITE

Select "ACTIVITY" from the menu options and COMMENT your SIX NAME CHOICES or EMAIL THEM to
[email protected]Don't forget to include your own name!

Staff will draw the winning names on MONDAY OCTOBER 18TH and post the winner on our social media and website!


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Poppy – Adopted September 2021!



Breed: Suspected  Lab/Pit Bull mix
Gender: Female
Age: Approx. 8 weeks old
Size: Suspected to be a medium/large


Energy Level: Puppy energy, big bursts of energy and lots of naps!
Training Goals: Mandatory training session post-adoption or puppy classes!
House trained? Working on it!
Kids? With proper socialization, separation and supervision!
Cats? With proper socialization, separation and supervision!
Dogs? With proper socialization, separation and supervision!
Medical Needs: Still waiting for her first check up, afterwards, basic veterinary care, finishing her vaccination boosters, then yearly appointments.

About Me:

Hi, I'm Poppy!

I was brought into WAG all by myself, thankfully I am not too lonely, I've been in the loving care of an amazing foster home!

I am a young girl who will need their family to be proactive and understand that these next few weeks are the most important in my life.

Early socialization is where I learn about the big wide human world that we have to live in. There is going to be so many new things I have yet to experience. I need a home that will look at my body language and understand when I may be fearful of something new.

A family that is patient and loving is what I would like the most, I am just a baby after all. I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.
I can't wait to find my forever home.


My Perfect Match

Able to provide a calm, nurturing environment with people that will pay attention to any signs of fearfullness I may show.
Is ready for the 10+ year commitment
Loves goofy loveable quirky girls
Will continue with basic training - I will need a post-adoption training appointment or Puppy classes with a WAG approved trainer
Lots of patience!
We use food as a motivator!
Will love me forever no matter what, quirks and all!
I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years.

My Story:

A good samaritan brought me into WAG, knowing that they will find me the most amazing forever home!


If you can't adopt at this time, please consider donating to WAG so they can always help those in need! 

Bowie – Adopted August 2021!



Breed: Labrador Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 8 months old approx.
Size: Medium/Large


Energy Level: High
Training Goals: Post adoption training session
House trained? Yes
Kids? With proper socialization, supervision & separation!

Cats? With proper socialization, supervision & separation!
Dogs? With proper socialization, supervision & separation!
Medical Needs: Completing his first rounds of vaccinations, then yearly check ups. 

About Me:


Hi, I'm Bowie!

I am a young pup who still has LOTS to learn! I have been loving being at WAG, I go out for awesome adventures, I get to go to the river, smell lots, pee on lots and see new things.

I am hoping that my forever family will be awesome humans, lots of play, adventures, cuddles, but most importantly I need them
to be patient.

Some new things can make me a bit unsure and I need my family to be understanding that they'll need to work with me during
this big life change, hire a trainer and give me time to adjust.

My perfect match
- Be able to commit to coming to visit me a few times at the shelter before going into my forever home
- A family with patience
- Understanding that a lot of things are new to me, I may need time to adjust to my new surrounding
- Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me gain confidence and give my family the
tools they will need when I come across something that is scary to me
- Be ready for the 10+ year commitment
- Keep me healthy and happy with proper exercise and yearly vet visits.

My Story:

My first family loved me but was no longer able provide me with the care and attention I need! 

I hope it's not long before my forever family comes around.


If you can't adopt me, please consider donating to WAG so they can always take in pups and cats in need!

Smaug & Mushu – Adopted July 2021!



Breed: Domestic Shorthair's
Gender: Males
Age: Approximately 1.5 years old 
Size: Medium


Energy Level: low/medium
Litter trained? yes
Kids? With proper socialization & supervision

Cats? We're a package duo! 
Dogs? No thanks! We're pretty nervous of dogs!
Medical Needs: Finishing basic vaccinations, then yearly routine care, continue to monitor Mushu's eye for changes/discomfort.

About Me:

Hi there! I'm Smaug and this is my best friend Mushu, who knows, we could be brothers!

We can be a little nervous about our new surroundings but we are slowly coming out of our shell each and every day.

We can be easily spooked by loud noises, but we are gaining confidence in our new surroundings.

We like head scratches and butt scratches

We LOVE temptations, we will even go on a scary scale to get some tasty treats!

We are pretty easy going and like to lounge together preferably, but we have a playful side as well.

We hope our forever family will keep us safe and happy for our long life to come!


Our Purrrfect Match

  • will be ready for a 15+ year commitment!
  • will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio etc.
  • provide us with as many beds/napping spots we may wish for in our forever home – preferably with a view!
  • give us time to adjust to our new surroundings
  • will keep our health in mind and take us into the vet for yearly checkups - Mushu lost his eye, we don't know how, he's got a clean bill of health from the vet, but will need to monitor it
  • set us up for success if we are expected to move into a home with new animals or young kids
  • keep us safe and happy, forever

My Story:

Mushu and I never had a home, we had some concerned community members that kept an eye on us and gave us food.

We hope that we'll find our forever home together soon!


If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider donating towards the care of the animals that temporarily call WAG home

Cogsworth – Adopted September 2020!



Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Male
Age: 7 weeks
Size: Small, but growing
Where you can find me: At the shelter, available for meet & greets by appointment only.


Energy Level: Kitten energy, lots of naps, with lots of playtime!
Litter trained? Working on it! 
Kids? With proper Socialization & Supervision
Cats? With proper Socialization & Supervision
Dogs? With proper Socialization & Supervision
Medical Needs: Final boosters in the first vaccination schedule

About Me:

Hi, I'm Cogsworth!

My siblings, mom and I are still together.  I'm still nursing and will be available for adoption soon!

I love exploring new places and things! I am an adventurous young kitten looking for a family to help me learn and grow.

I get along with all my siblings and am very curious about older cats, but would want to make sure they won't beat me up before I try to play! I need attention, love, affection, and lots of playtime!

I have had limited time with dogs, lots of small introductions, treats and supervision to make sure I am safe!

I haven't had much time with small humans, I am small myself, so I'm sure we'll get along, as long as they are gentle, and can read my body language and respect when I want to be alone.


My Purrrfect Match

  • will be ready for a 15+ year commitment!
  • will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio etc.
  • will keep my health in mind and take me into the vet for yearly checkups.
  • understand that I am still developing and my personality may change over time!
  • will keep me safe and happy, forever.



Photographs by @kevinrjamieson

My Story:

My mom was surrendered to the shelter pregnant after her previous family was not able to care for an unexpected pregnancy.

We were born at WAG and have been with our mom since. Our mom and we were accidental litters, as cute as we are, litters are lots of time and work.

If you can't adopt at this time, consider donating to WAG for our care, or to WAG's Financial Assistance Spay & Neuter Program!


Jewel – Adopted May 2020!



Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Age: 18 Years
Size: Medium
Where you can find me: In a foster home

Energy Level: Low-Medium
Litter trained? few accidents
Kids? Yes, with supervision

Cats? Would prefer to be the only animal
Dogs? Would prefer to be the only animal
Medical Needs: Continued monitoring of my health, as I am an older lady!  

About Me:

Hi, I'm Jewel! I am super sweet!  

I have lived a long and happy 19 years and did not expect to find myself at a shelter. I am a very loving girl who would love to live out the rest of my golden years in a home where I can be showered with cuddles and kisses but also have some peace and quiet.  My eyesight is no longer the best and my baby blue eyes are a little bit cross-eyed, but that doesn't stop me from getting all the attention! 

My forever home will need to monitor my health post-adoption to ensure I can live my best life for the rest of my years! 

I can't wait to find a home of my own that will keep me healthy and love me for life! 

My Purrrfect Match:

  • Will continue to monitor my health throughout my life
  • Will understand that I am a senior lady and may need special food and extra vet visits 
  • Provide me with endless hours of play or cuddles, whichever I prefer! 
  • Give me a safe home forever and ever. 

My Story:

Jewel is a lovely older lady who through no fault of her own found herself at a shelter at the age of 19. She is a very sweet and happy girl who is definitely young at heart! She is looking for owners who can provide her with a calm and loving home for the rest of her golden years and who will understand that as a senior lady she will need a little extra health monitoring. 


If you cannot adopt Jewel right now, please consider donating to her care.




Breed: Lab/Staffy/Collie Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Size: Medium
Where you can find me: At a foster home

Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: Basic manners, I have never been to training before and would love to attend some classes with my new family!
House trained? Yes
Kids? Yes, with supervision

Cats? Unknown
Dogs? I have dog friends but would prefer to be the only pup in the house! 
Medical Needs: None at this time

About Me:

I am a loving and sweet lady! I have been through a lot in my short life, but I am still so trusting and affectionate. I love my human friends, and am so happy to finally be in a loving foster home with a roof over my head. I came to WAG pregnant, and have since had my litter of 10 puppies (WOW!) in an amazing foster home. It is possible that this is my 5th litter in my short 3 years. I am a great mom but I am so excited to never be a mom again! I can't wait to have a home of my own that gives me all the love, cozy couch cuddles and treats that I deserve!   



My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home.

-Has lots of patience and understanding. My life has been bumpy and I need someone who is willing to be in it for the long haul.

-Loves to lead an active life, but equally loves couch cuddles! 

-Will go slow with me and let me adjust to my new home

-Will love me forever no matter what!!

My Story:

I have had a bumpy life so far, some things known and some unknown. They think I have had 5 litters in my 3 short years. I haven't had a chance to be a puppy myself as I have been constantly caring for my litters. I am excited for the next chapter in my life and to be spoiled in a home of my own, just like I deserve!

Morticia – Adopted October, 2017





Morticia was found as a stray in parking lot 5 in Whistler. It was suspected that she was owned by someone that was living in their van, however no one claimed her. Morticia did not stay at WAG for long until her moms (WAG volunteers) fell in love! She has since moved out to Ontario.
Just wanted to give you guys some updates on Morticia! We think she's settling in ok. Getting better every day. The other day she actually kneaded on a pillow on the floor next to our bed. She's never done that before! So we're taking it as her getting comfortable. Obviously she stopped kneading as soon as we looked at her but we heard it! She's the funniest cat ever and we're so happy with her. She still doesn't like to cuddle but at least she letting us pick her up for a couple of seconds without trying to bite us haha.
On our trip out east to Ontario she was a dream! She was sleeping pretty much the whole time or eating. (The only time she sits on our lap is when we're in the car and driving!) She was even our hero once! We accidentally locked both keys in the car and she was in there and stepped onto the unlock button after we got some grass and held it on the window! Thank god that she's so into playing!!



Skye (Formerly Mary Lou) – Adopted 2005


It's been quite a few years since we sent WAGS an email but we have dropped by your shelter a few times since 2005, when we first adopted Skye, our very special family member.

We wanted to send you a message, a note to say that this amazing animal who brought us so much love and our friends and community so much joy, was laid to rest on July 25, 2017 - 12 years 8 months after we were brought her home from WAGS.

At that time, WAGS was still at the old location, but we went through the same process as everyone - the application, the interview (interviews of our landlords too!), the viewing after she was spayed, and then the realization that our lives would never again be the same.

4 years of planning before we got Skye (then called Mary-Lou, one of a pack of 9 including her mother) and 9 months of in-home care, house-training and just socialization in general. By that time, everyone in the neighbourhood had fallen in love with her, the retail shop owners, the people who frequented the parks, and even the cat lovers. She was so beautiful, inside and out, intelligent and ever so independent. A true husky crossbreed.

Skye loved hiking, swimming, running up and down stairs at the schools, chasing  cats (even though she never knew what to do once she caught up with them) and having soft sheets and beds to lie on. She knew more than 50 words and out-performed all the other dogs when she participated in neighbourhood dog competitions.

During her active life, she did countless road trips, camping trips, took many ferries, ran up and down many beaches and even impressed people in the USA when she visited.

We share this Happy Tail with you even though she has passed because we miss her a lot and think of her every day. We also know that our experience with WAGS partly the reason why she became THE story of our lives. The match was perfect, the information on the Monks of New Skete to help us with her training, the interviews and the support and her very first Bosley package… all made such a great start to the 12 years with her.

Please know (and share with your staff and volunteers) how much our WAGS adoption meant to us  and how great an impact Skye had on us these last 12 years or so. She taught us patience and love, how to let go of the unimportant things and how to embrace  simple gifts we take for granted - clean air, fresh water, the ocean, and a walk.

Thank you WAGS, for giving us the journey and memories for a lifetime…