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2023 Holiday Matching Campaign Wrap Up

matching campaing '23 wrap up
matching campaign '23 wrap up 2
The final numbers are in and we are SO EXCITED to announce that we raised a total of $43,090 during our Holiday Matching Campaign. $20,000 was matched by our amazing sponsors Moguls Coffee and Zogs Whistler for a grand total of $63,090!!!!!!!
We are absolutely blown away by all the support and we cannot thank each and every one of you who donated enough. These funds will go a long ways for our Critical Care Program, our Wellness Clinics and Education as well as directly impacting the volume of animals we are able to help in the upcoming year. A very special thank you to our sponsors Moguls Coffee and Zogs Whistler who pledged to help us raise these vital funds and have been long time supporters of WAG.
To all our donors, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for believing in the work we do and supporting the special animals that WAG is able to help.


WAG's latest Critical Care Case, November 2023

This little young lady came into our care when she unfortunately required emergency surgery and hospitalization at Coast Mountain Vets for several days after becoming really unwell. Birch was brought in by her loving family presenting with vomiting, lethargy, inappetence and had lost weight. After undergoing lots of tests including blood work, X-Rays and more she underwent surgery for a foreign object removal. The team at Coast had a successful surgery removing an object from her stomach.
She is now on the road to recovery but it has not been easy with ongoing hospitalization required daily to receive fluids, pain killers, antibiotics and monitoring of her kidney function which is still a concern. We thank the vet team at Coast who have worked around the clock to provide extensive care which has given her the best chance at recovery. She is in the best hands in an experienced medical foster home and we have our fingers crossed that she will continue being brave and strong while she recovers from this event. She's a fighter who has been through so much in the past few days, we are grateful to our Critical Care Fund donors who generously give to our special fund to help those animals who need it the most when the worst happens.
If you would like to donate to Birch's vet bills and ongoing care, please visit the link below. Keep an eye on our socials for updates on her fight to get better and to find out once she is ready to start her adoption journey.


contest kittens1


WAG has TWENTY-THREE cats in our care!
TEN of them are under 4 WEEKS OLD (needing bottle/syringe feeding every 4-5 hours!)

All will be or have already received urgent medical care, diagnostics, medication, vaccines, parasite control, & spay/neuter surgeries...We need your help to cover these costs and allow us to continue to take in homeless animals and find them forever homes.

You can support our cats and kittens AND have fun doing it with our NAME OUR KITTENS Fundraiser!

For only a minimum of a $25 donation, you can enter SIX names and name the most recent litter of 4-week old kittens who were surrendered to WAG when their mom did not return home 🙁

At the end of the fundraiser, each group of names will be entered into a draw and chosen randomly by our staff.


TO ENTER: Make a minimum donation of $25 via THIS WEBSITE

Select "ACTIVITY" from the menu options and COMMENT your SIX NAME CHOICES or EMAIL THEM to
[email protected]Don't forget to include your own name!

Staff will draw the winning names on MONDAY OCTOBER 18TH and post the winner on our social media and website!


contest kittens2




Breed: Lab/Staffy/Collie Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Size: Medium
Where you can find me: At a foster home

Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: Basic manners, I have never been to training before and would love to attend some classes with my new family!
House trained? Yes
Kids? Yes, with supervision

Cats? Unknown
Dogs? I have dog friends but would prefer to be the only pup in the house! 
Medical Needs: None at this time

About Me:

I am a loving and sweet lady! I have been through a lot in my short life, but I am still so trusting and affectionate. I love my human friends, and am so happy to finally be in a loving foster home with a roof over my head. I came to WAG pregnant, and have since had my litter of 10 puppies (WOW!) in an amazing foster home. It is possible that this is my 5th litter in my short 3 years. I am a great mom but I am so excited to never be a mom again! I can't wait to have a home of my own that gives me all the love, cozy couch cuddles and treats that I deserve!   



My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home.

-Has lots of patience and understanding. My life has been bumpy and I need someone who is willing to be in it for the long haul.

-Loves to lead an active life, but equally loves couch cuddles! 

-Will go slow with me and let me adjust to my new home

-Will love me forever no matter what!!

My Story:

I have had a bumpy life so far, some things known and some unknown. They think I have had 5 litters in my 3 short years. I haven't had a chance to be a puppy myself as I have been constantly caring for my litters. I am excited for the next chapter in my life and to be spoiled in a home of my own, just like I deserve!

Reece Has Found Her Forever Home!

We are so excited to announce that after 247 days in WAG’s care, Reece has been adopted!

Reece had a special and long journey with us. She was originally rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. Although we don’t know about the first years of Reece’s life, we know that she was captured, forced to live in tiny wire crates with so many other dogs that they didn’t have room to move, before they would have be killed to be eaten. Luckily the Soi Dog Foundation rescued Reece from this meat trade. Due to the nature of this experience, Reece will never be able to be crated and is slow to trust strangers, especially men. It takes countless interactions with a person before she is comfortable with them touching her. Because Reece didn’t make the best first, second, or sometimes third impression, it made it difficult for potential adopters to fall in love with her true nature and silly self.

Reece’s adoption has been a process and there have been many people over the past 8 months that have helped this girl adjust to Canada, living in a home, and learning to love.

WAG Staff & Volunteers, past and present – Thank you for taking the time to gain Reece’s trust. There were many failed walk attempts, but to the volunteers that consistently tried to walk her – thank you! Thank you as well to our male volunteers that just sat there with Reece staring at you while you threw treats toward her so she could try and make friends with men.

Supporters – Thank you for donations toward Reece’s care and to every person that shared one of our posts about Reece. By sharing her story, you helped her forever family find her.

Renee from Bravo Dog – Thank you for your trips to Whistler to assess Reece and create training programs for us. So glad to know that you will be continuing with Reece’s training post-adoption.

Chad & Denise Wood – Reece would not be the girl she is today without these two. Denise and Chad started by fostering Reece on weekends. Just before Christmas, Reece was permanently fostered by Denise and Chad, only returning to WAG on the odd occasion. Because of the time and love that the Woods showed toward Reece, Reece became adjusted to living in a home, became playful with men, fully trusted a human with all of her heart, and showed people through social media what Reece’s true personality was. Without these two humans, Reece may still be searching for her home. Thank you both from the bottom of all of our hearts.

Jocelyn & Andy – Reece’s new parents… thank you for the time, dedication, and patience you showed toward Reece. You made multiple trips to Whistler in order to spend time with Reece and try and gain her trust. You worked at her pace and only touched her when she was ready and willing. You opened your home and hearts to WAG staff to allow them to do a home check and observe Reece in her new setting. You’ve already started to work with Bravo Dog and introduce Reece to a dog walker that specializes in fearful dogs. You have shown how committed you are to this special girl, how much you love her already, and given us the reassurance to know that she will forever be in a safe and loving home. Thank you for never giving up on this girl. Not many people would put in the time, miles, or patience to adopt a dog with Reece’s slow-to-warm nature and we appreciate what you’ve done for her. Thank you as well for your support of WAG and our processes. We know you will be lifelong friends of our shelter.

While Reece’s adoption story isn’t a typical one for us, we wanted to highlight the dedication and love many people put in to make her adoption happen. She is a “flight risk” and was capable of backing out of her collar in situations that made her uncomfortable. Because of this, we had to ensure any potential home was able to put a harness on Reece before taking her for walks. Despite her trust issues, once you gain Reece’s trust, she loves you with her whole heart. She can go months without seeing you and will cry and kiss your nose when she sees you again. We already miss you around the shelter little squeaker, but we know we will still get to see your family from time to time and cannot wait to see the progress you make throughout your life with your hoomans. 

Dog Run Funding Project – NEW UPDATES!



The original dog run and some of our challenges:

Due to the Nesters and Garbage depot expansion, WAG LOST OUR OUTDOOR GRASS RUN AND TREES!

Though a new, smaller area has been proposed by the RMOW, WAG is in need of the community’s support to develop an outdoor dog run area that is SAFE, SECURE, and USABLE. By November 30th, WAG had to raise a minimum of $40,000 from a variety of sources to ensure the dogs in their care will have the best possible support and safe access to the outdoors.
The proposed fencing option is chain link with dirt flooring, however...
“We believe a safe, protected and interactive outdoor place to socialize and exercise is vital for the health and happiness of our shelter dogs who call WAG home. We are looking to the Whistler community and visitors to support our fundraising for a safe and secure fence option,” says Lindsay Suckling, WAG Shelter Operations Manager.
A new dog run will be constructed at WAG; however, it will require a SOLID fence to ensure dog safety and wellbeing. WAG’s priority is the safety and welfare of its animals while also ensuring WAG remains a good neighbor in the Nesters area.

Why is WAG choosing solid fencing?

 Solid fencing is vital for the health and wellbeing of the dogs and community as it:
1) Protects against garbage entering the dog run.
2) Protects against negative human and dog interactions, such as fingers being stuck through the bars, yelling, feeding of food, etc, often leading to increased frustration and reduced adaptability.
3) Reduces the risk of disease/illness transfer.
4) Solid fencing will be set 6 inches into the ground, preventing dogs from digging under the fence, or rats from digging in.
5) Reduce noise pollution (garbage trucks, traffic, bottles smashing, etc.). Many WAG dogs are fearful due to past neglect or abuse and will not be able to tolerate the noise.
6) Provide the dogs with a QUIET and SAFE space to:
-Socialize: training sessions, enrichment activities, and play with each other, adopters, staff and volunteers, increasing adaptability, and allowing more animals to be rescued.
-Comfortably relieve themselves. Many dogs in WAG’s care have never been on a leash and are scared to walk near the busy highway.
“WAG is committed to reducing kennel stress and to socialize our animals,” says Suckling. “Our dog-run has always been an essential space in maintaining our standards of animal welfare and socialization. Due to these unforeseen changes, the solid fence is of vital importance and we hope our Whistler community and broader dog-loving community will support us with our fundraising efforts.”
More info on Simtek fencing: http://www.simtekfence.com/

Here’s what you can do to help the animals at WAG:

1) Donate to WAG to ensure a safe, outdoor space for our shelter dogs and puppies! Donations are accepted online at www.whistlerwag.com.
2) Spread the word to your networks of our exciting new project and need for funding!

 What You are Funding:

Phase 1: Solid Simtek fencing option ($40,000)
Next spring, we hope to launch fundraising efforts to continue the development of our outdoor dog run. Any surplus funds made from Phase 1 fundraising efforts will carry over to fund:
Phase 2: Landscaping
There will be no grass, dirt, or trees in the new run,­­ which are a necessity for the health and wellbeing of our animals.
Phase 3: Interactive dog enrichment unit
The newly relocated dog area will be smaller than our previous one and square/rectangular. Many of our dogs are high energy or love to play fetch, and running is integral to using up excess energy and reducing frustration. In an effort to replace their ability to run, we are planning to build an interactive structure for the dogs, including features such as multi-level houses, ramps, stairs, perches, tug stations, and more.


WAG is very fortunate to have amazing supporters, foster homes and volunteers.  We know WAG will be able to continue to enhance the lives of animals in WAG’s care with your ongoing assistance.  We thank you for your support!

The original dog run and some of our challenges:


WAG would like to take this opportunity to formally thank the following donors:

A very special thank you to The James Upton Foundation: Without his initial enthusiasm and support for this project, we may never have gotten it off the ground! This $25,000 contribution is vital to the success of the overall project and we are honored and grateful to have received this support.

Our community for their donations and overwhelming understanding and support of this important project.

The Rotary Club of Whistler for their extremely generous grant contribution.

We are also excited to announce that construction has been delayed, which means we can keep our existing dog run and trees for the winter and we will have more time to fund raise over the winter if needed!

Thank you again to our community, foundations, and donors…stay tuned for more updates!

The Rotary Club of Whistler stops by to make their generous donation...

Orion – Adopted June 2016

Orion was brought into WAG as a stray found at a campsite on Duffy lake Road. He needed some cleaning up, he was very dirty and full of burrs, and he received quite an unfortunate hair cut! Underneath all the dirt Orion was a handsome, sweet, and affectionate kitty. He was lucky and got snatched up after only being in the shelter for 10 days! His is now part of a family that loves him to bits and thought we’d like an update!

Hi WAG staff,

Just thought I’d update you on how Steven Orion Zissou is doing with these photos. Steve has become quite the big kitty but most of it is fur! We can’t believe how much his coat has filled out since we first got him. He is very content at home, playing, grooming and sleeping. Thanks so much for connecting us. We love him to bits!

Laurel and Chris

Homer (Adopted July 2015) & Blue (Adopted Fall 2009)

Homer and Blue (formerly Courtney) were dogs adopted from WAG in July 2015 and during autumn 2009, respectively. Recently we received an update from their family, and this is what they had to say:

Homer and Blue are WAG dogs! Blue was adopted in Fall 2009, and Homer came into our family more recently, in July 2015. They are now best friends and spend their time playing in the backyard and celebrating their birthdays together. This year, Blue celebrated her seventh birthday and little Homie his first. We love both of them so much, and they have brought us so much joy and laughter.

Homer is now taller than his big sister and has become a handsome little man. He gets along with everyone, from dogs to humans to guinea pigs, and he has many hobbies, rolling in the grass on sunny days and cuddling with his favourite stuffed orca toy.

Blue is sweet, sassy, and affectionate, always smiling and giving her family kisses. She is extremely smart and isn’t afraid to compete for the role of alpha even around male dogs!

We are so grateful that Blue and Homer came into our lives!