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Critical Care

Cleo – Adopted September 2021!



Breed: Abyssinian
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years old
Size: Small

Energy Level: Medium, needs lots of interaction and mental stimulation
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? Prefer kids that are old enough to understand cat body language 

Cats? No thanks!
Dogs? No thanks! 
Medical Needs: Currently waiting for dental work

About Me:

Hi I'm Cleo! 

I am new to WAG and the staff are still getting to know more about me.

I am a sweet and sassy type of gal that likes to be the boss of the house.

I need a home with no other animals, I don't like to share attention.

I am currently waiting for some dental work to be done, ughhhh. This will need to be kept up with once I am adopted as dental issues can be common for my breed.

I need a family that will be happy to have a cat that needs attention, play and mental stimulation. I enjoy food puzzles and working for treats.

I love having windows to look out at, bird tv is pretty good entertainment. I used to go for outings in a cat safe backpack and I enjoyed those.

Keep an eye on my profile as I'm sure I'll keep showing off more of my personality.

My Story:

I had a loving family, a companion since I was just a kitten and a dad that took great care of us. We were able to live together as buddies for a longtime. Then my feelings changed and I was no longer happy with my living situation. My dad wanted to make sure that I'd be given the best care, he made the tough decision to surrender me to WAG to ensure that I'd find a home that will spoil me and love me forever.

If you can't adopt at this time, please consider donating towards my upcoming veterinary bills

Bailey – Adopted June 2021!



Breed: Oriental Mix
Gender: Male
Age:  Unknown, 5+ 
Size: Medium

Energy Level: Medium
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? Unknown, can play rough

Cats? Unknown
Dogs? Unknown
Medical Needs: Finishing this round of boosters, then continuing with yearly check ups.

About Me:

Hi, I'm Bailey!

I am new to the shelter and still settling in.

I have had a rough month, I came into WAG's care after sustaining an injury to my eye, how this happened,
I know, but unfortunately can't tell you! After a few days of overnight care thanks to the Pemberton Vet Clinic
I received the best care and was brought to the WAG. Since being here, I had to take medication and wear a stupid
cone, while I complied, I was pretty unhappy about my situation. I woke up to a double whammy of no eye and getting neutered.
Now my stitches are out, my cone is off and I am MUCH happier.

I spend lots of my day napping on the high perch of my tower. I LOVE feeding time, truly my favorite time of the day
is breakfast then my next favorite time is dinner.
I am not impressed that the tasty treats are enclosed in a silly container I can't get into....jokes on you humans,
I found out I can knock it off the counter and a treat EXPLOSION occurs, then I get all I want!

I like head and chin scratches and a nice lap to sit on, please don't touch my belly though.

I can be a gentle, but sometimes I'm a little cheeky and like to be a little rough. This is usually during play and was probably reinforced when I was younger by having humans play with their hands as toys. I will need time, patience and kindness while I learn that being rough during play is not okay.

The love, warmth, food, water, and cozy beds they have given me make me feel happy and I am becoming much braver.
There’s been a lot of changes in my life recently and I would very much like to be adopted by people who understand
that time and patience, combined with love and respect is very important for me.

Please be patient with me while I gain confidence and start to show my true personality.

Keep an eye on my profile as I'm sure things will change the more they get to know me.


My Purrrfect Match

- Provide me with as many beds/napping spots I may wish for in my forever home – preferably with a view and some sun!
- Understand that I may need a little bit of time to settle into my new surroundings
- Provide me with endless hours of play or cuddles, whichever I prefer!
- Give me space when I've had enough cuddles and play
- Is ready for the 10+ year commitment
- Enjoys the company of sassy boys
- Keep me safe, enriched and healthy
- Continue to monitor my health throughout my life
- Give me a safe home forever and ever


My Story:

Bailey was brought into our care due to an injury he received to his eye. He's had a rough month with the recovery,
he was not a big fan of the cone, but he has healed up well!
Now that Bailey is on the mend he is ready to find a home that he can call his own!

If you can't adopt, please consider donating to our Critical Care Fund! This fund is always in need of donations,
this way we never have to think twice about taking in animals that will have extensive veterinary bills.


In Memory of Alice


WAG defines Critical Care as any medical need or expense that goes beyond the routine deworming, vaccination, and spay-neuter protocol, and WAG is often called in at the most critical time, even if it is on a long weekend!

Alice was found by her loving family on Easter weekend, collapsed in a field, inexplicably paralyzed, and unable to stand or walk. They contacted a WAG volunteer and local superhero, and in no time, she was driving Alice down to the 24-hour emergency clinic, Mountainside Animal Hospital, in North Vancouver. Thank you to the wonderful doctors and staff who cared for her during her stay.

Alice received blood work, hospitalization, IV fluids, x-rays, and 24-hour monitoring and care. With initial diagnostics being inconclusive, her condition's cause was still a mystery. Though she was paralyzed, Alice was generally in stable condition and we decided to give her a chance at recovery by trying a variety of treatments, in the hopes that one will work.

She was transferred to Eagleview Veterinary Hospital and into the wonderful care of Dr. Armstrong, and then released to WAG.

Though we only knew Alice for a short time, she was incredibly loved and cared for by WAG staff and was never left alone. Unfortunately, however, her condition suddenly declined, and she passed away from unknown causes.

Alice was described by her family as "...such a good girl, good protector, she was such an amazing mama, the best companion, she was so good with the boys, always watched over them."

Though we are all devastated by her loss, our inability to save her, and the unanswered questions about her affliction, Alice's life is proof that WAG makes a difference.

Not just in the lives of dogs and cats but in the lives and mindsets of their owners. Alice was almost 6 years old and lived a happy healthy life. She was vaccinated, spayed and microchipped with regular check-ups through WAG's Mount Currie Animal Wellness Clinics. When this terrible accident happened to Alice, her family reached out for help. They didn't let her suffer.... her well-being was their priority and WAG jumped in to do all they could.

At WAG, we strive to give every animal a chance at health and happiness, and Alice was no different.

We are now launching a campaign to replenish the funds used for her medical bills, as well as have money in the bank for our next  Critical Care animal in need.

Please consider donating to ALICE'S MEMORIAL FUND and help make a difference in the lives of animals like Alice.

Tax receipts are available for all donations over $20.




"Hello, my name is Tank!"

"My name is Tank, and my story is truly one of “sometimes life just happens”. I was well-loved and well cared for by my family when I had a life-changing accident.
A week before I was to get neutered, I was playing in my yard and I got my leg caught in a pallet. My family brought me to the vet right away, and we received some bad news that my leg was broken. This unfortunately was quite serious and not a simple break. Dr. White in Pemberton reached out to specialists in Vancouver and Squamish, and WAG jumped in to help too!
After much analysis, my family took me to Squamish where Dr. Lane (an incredible orthopedic surgeon) at Eagleview Animal
Hospital operated but could not save my leg. He really tried, but the break was in such a bad place. If I were to live a happy, pain-free life, this was the absolute best course of action. Dr. Lane and his team were beyond awesome and took great care of me while I was in the hospital. Eagleview and Dr. White have become such lifesavers supporting, and working with WAG in these difficult situations.
My family and WAG had lots of discussions about what would be best for me. I will need some special care and attention, especially for the next few months. It will take time for me to get strong again and to learn how to live as a three-legged dog, but I’m young and I know I can do it!! Though heartbreaking for my family, they simply could not manage the costs of this ordeal and they know I will need a different life from what they can provide for me. I will miss them, but I know this was a decision that came from love. WAG has assured us both I will get a second family who will equally adore me and will be able to manage my care in the years to come.
I thank everyone so very much for their commitment to my well-being and for making all the hard choices that got me here. I feel very loved and ready for the next chapter in my life!"


Our November Critical Care Case

My Story:

"I am a senior lady with many health problems - though my family loved me, they were unable to give me the proper care I needed as I got older, so now I have a few issues that need to be taken care of!
Thankfully I arrived at WAG where they will do their best to give me the care that I need.

My Health Problems:

-Ear infections
-Chronic allergies
-Skin infection
-Dental infection with an abscessed tooth
-Large mass on my side 
-Also small mass under my chin
-Vision issues

-Back pain/arthritis resulting in hyperextended wrists 
-Distended abdomen 

I have been prescribed Surolan medication for my ears, Apoquel for itchiness, Clavaseptin antibiotics for my infections, and Metacam for pain management.
Once my infections are under control and I am feeling a bit better, my diagnostics and treatments will continue:

-Blood work
-Mass removals

Where your donations will go:

Blood tests

Dental surgery
Tumor removals
Health exams
Ongoing treatment and diagnostics


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Our newest Critical Care Case...

Peter was hit by a car and left without treatment for 3 days. He arrived at WAG emaciated, with a huge belly full of fluid, and multiple injuries.

Peter's most severe injury is a badly fractured pelvis. The pain and suffering that this little guy went through before coming to WAG is unbearable to think about. Now, thanks to our Critical Care Fund he is on pain medication, antibiotics and a routine of daily bandages changes for other injuries he sustained, all while in the loving care of WAG's foster homes.

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for supporting WAG and making donations so that we can continue to take in animals who need us the most.

Peter has a long road to recovery. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and please consider donating to our Critical Care Fund so we can always take in animals like Peter!


Meet Oliver

WAG staff was called at the end of the business day on June 20 about another extremely sick puppy. This poor pup was never vaccinated and is now suffering from the deadly Parvovirus and owners unable to provide the necessary care. Again, wag is now left with the responsibility of this poor pup, which staff rushed to emergency care at 6 pm at Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic @twintreesvet and then to Canada West Veterinary Specialists @canadawestvets critical care unit in Vancouver at 2 am last night.
So far, he has been fighting for life and slowly improving but he is far from out of the woods. We have named him Oliver and are desperate to give him a fighting chance!
The medical bills for treating this entirely preventable disease are in the thousands and the suffering, death, and financial toll it takes on wag are completely preventable through routine vaccinations. Vaccinations save lives!
We will be launching a fundraising and vaccine awareness campaign for Oliver, so please consider donating to our critical care fund- literally, every dollar makes a huge difference for these dogs. Without these funds, we would be unable to give these sick puppies a fighting chance at a life they deserve.

If you have a pet as a member of your family, please provide them with medical care and contact us before their illness is critical! Their life depends on you!
Wag will be closed for our public visiting hours this Thursday through Saturday as staff resources are limited right now, but adoption and volunteer appointments will continue as scheduled. As always, we are here if you do need to contact us, call 604 935 8364 or email [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible!
Please visit our website to donate online to our Critical Care fund, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and stay tuned for updates on Oliver!



June 23, 2019

Hello WAG supporters! Oliver is still stable, however, last night he did need another Plasma Transfusion, which are extremely expensive, just to keep his levels at an acceptable rate, so, unfortunately, he is not recovering as well as we had hoped. 
His doctor this morning was optimistic however, as he is wanting to eat for the first time and has started to find his voice!

Though our funds for this special man are running low, we will keep him in Critical Care in the hopes that he has turned a corner, so stay tuned for updates!

Thank you so much to Canada West Veterinary Specialists and all of his donors!

If you would like to donate to Oliver's Fund, visit our website at www.whistlerwag.com!


June 23, 2019

Hello WAG supporters! Oliver is still stable, however, last night he did need another Plasma Transfusion, which are extremely expensive, just to keep his levels at an acceptable rate, so, unfortunately, he is not recovering as well as we had hoped. 
His doctor this morning was optimistic however, as he is wanting to eat for the first time and has started to find his voice!

Though our funds for this special man are running low, we will keep him in Critical Care in the hopes that he has turned a corner, so stay tuned for updates!

Thank you so much to Canada West Veterinary Specialists and all of his donors!

If you would like to donate to Oliver's Fund, visit our website at www.whistlerwag.com!


June 22, 2019

So far, Oliver is still recovering slowly! He had a good first night, but then did need a plasma transfusion and has been reluctant to eat on his own. His belly was full of fluid which has been removed, and he is now on a feeding tube to start slowly introducing vital nutrients back into his system. He is struggling with this a bit, so they are taking it very slowly.

He is still in very Critical Condition at Canada West Veterinary Specialist is Vancouver and we are hopeful that he will recover enough to be transferred soon, but at this point, he still needs extensive care.
Despite these small setbacks, the doctors and staff say that he is clinically doing very well and is wagging his tail at them!

A huge thank you to his doctors and staff at Canada West and a massive THANK YOU to his supporters! We have been blown away by your support for Oliver in the last couple of days and it is ONLY because of these donations that we can continue his care.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and keep sending those good thoughts to Olly!


Help for Hero…


Hero is only ONE year old. He had not been feeling well for a few days and had stopped eating when he was surrendered to WAG.

WAG agreed to take him in, and he was seen at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital and Eagleview Veterinary Hospital. He had a painful abdomen and his blood work showed severely elevated liver values with non-regenerative anemia. He is in theend stages of liver failure and it is most likely due to ingesting something extremely poisonous over a week ago.

He is in critical condition. 

Hero is such a sweet and happy boy, whose appetite was almost completely gone, except for roasted chicken, so after careful thought, WAG staff and Dr. Armstrong agreed that despite his condition and it being a (very) long shot, we just had to try treatment! He was brought back to Eagleview Veterinary Clinic and was hospitalized.

He will be receiving around the clock IV fluids, IV Antibiotics, and tons of TLC. Now we need YOUR help to help Hero!

Give this young pup a fighting chance at life by donating to our Critical Care Fund today...

Thank you for your support!

Welcome to WAG, Gigi!

WAG's first Critical care case of 2019...

Meet our newest recruit and FIRST Critical Care Case of 2019...

Gigi was surrendered to us after receiving a horrible injury to her right eye. Unfortunately, there is no way we can save it and she will have to get it removed. A big thank you to Pemberton Veterinary Hospital for taking such good care of this sweet girl!

She is now on pain medication and antibiotics while she waits for her surgery date. Despite her injury, this little nugget is still playful and snuggly and loves to follow the staff and her foster mom around!

TWO MORE Critical Care Cases!

Thanksgiving 2018 was a busy one for WAG staff when we received calls for not one, but TWO dogs in critical medical condition...

Meet Ruby...

Ruby is an 11-year-old sweetheart...Ruby lived in a community where there are many stray dogs with no one to care for them - they are unspayed and unneutered and starving. This can create dogfights, and poor Ruby was a victim of one of these fights.

She received lacerations all over her body which quickly became infected, and she could no longer stand and would not eat, drink, or sleep, just cry in pain.

Thankfully, her loving owners brought her to the emergency at Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic where she received vital medical attention, including life-saving antibiotics, before coming back to WAG to recover.

Her owners loved her so much, they made the difficult decision to surrender Ruby to WAG and remove her from her current dangerous living situation. They even paid her emergency medical bill!

Ruby is now recovering slowly, but surely, at WAG, where she is receiving multiple antibiotics, pain medication, IV fluid therapy, and physiotherapy.

Special thank you to Dr. Lopez at Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic and her owners who loved her!


Meet Odin...

Odin was found alone on the side of the road with a horrific injury to his tail. A concerned citizen picked him up and contacted WAG, where arrangements were made to take him to Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital. 

Unfortunately, the injury to his tail is too severe and too painful to heal on its own, and he will need an amputation!

He is currently on antibiotics and pain medication, and he is waiting (impatiently!) for his surgery appointment on Thursday.



vet 3

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